Parts of Rio-Paris jet wreckage found

2011-04-03 23:03

Paris - French investigators said on Sunday they found parts of an Air France plane that crashed over the Atlantic while flyng from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in June 2009, and hoped to locate the black boxes.

"During search operations in the sea carried out in the last 24 hours... the team on board the Alucia located parts of a plane," France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) said in a statement.

"These elements were identified by BEA investigators as belonging to the wreckage of the A330-203 plane, flight AF 447" that crashed, the statement said.

BEA Director Jean-Paul Troadec also told AFP that investigators have "hope" of finding the plane's black boxes because the debris area was "relatively concentrated".

The crash killed all 228 people on board.

  • Verbatim - 2011-04-04 07:35

    Funny how they all of a sudden find the pieces of wreckage after the carrier was being charged with manslaughter. I smell a dirty french RAT.

      Nice Guy - 2011-04-04 07:40

      I think its a dirty french frog.

      qwikchek - 2011-04-04 07:42

      You should read up more on issues before you let your fingers type.... Woods Hole, new subs, new technology....

  • Ammie - 2011-04-04 08:41

    Suddenly! Only now? Technology didn't change that much since June 2009.... But perhaps they tried to take the focus away from the pitout tubes that caused the accident. But unfortunately for them we don't all have selective memories.

  • SlapTjip - 2011-04-04 08:49

    Back in the 80's when the 747-combi (Helderberg) crashed the South African government called of the search within a short space of time. The search was continued by an US company and the black boxes found in a very short period of time. The area was large, water deep and technology limited to what is available today yet they found the black boxes in a short space of time. I cannot see what is the problem, those black boxes should have been found a long time ago.

      Airborne68 - 2011-04-04 11:37

      Something to do with the Helderberg carrying weapons, maybe?

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