Police break up anti-Putin protest

2012-03-05 22:10

Moscow - Russian police on Monday broke up a protest in central Moscow against Vladimir Putin's victory in presidential elections, roughly arresting dozens of people, an AFP correspondent said.

Police moved in to disperse the protest at Pushkin Square, after hundreds of people refused to leave the venue at the end of a larger rally earlier, the correspondent said. Those arrested were dragged away by the police.

  • Anthony - 2012-03-05 23:59

    There we go again, just arrest the opposition. It works for a long, (too) long time, and than....BANG !!! Like it did in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and now the ME!!!!!

      Fred - 2012-03-06 01:49

      Couldn't agree more.

      Alexander - 2012-03-06 07:03

      They were not arrested. They were removed from Pushkin square and hold for a few ours just to and calm down. They were allowed to be there and protest till around 21.00 but they decided to continue and eventually they were removed. It is normal practice in any country- it is not allowed to block center of the city for a long time. Moreover there were only a few thousans peole there. Putin was supported by much more people. I am reading now some news from british papers and comparing it with what I saw by my own eyes. Your favorite are simply not telling the real facts.

      Anthony - 2012-03-06 07:33

      Alexander, There are many cases, people see things with their "own eyes" And still they miss the point. What happens in "police states" is that every bit of discontent, gets removed from publuc eye. That works for a long time, sometimes a very long time, but eventually it will burst!!!!! You will see this happening, with your own eyes !!!!!!

      Alexander - 2012-03-06 07:57

      agree We will see! I am positive that opposition has no chances to get power. BUT why so much lie and "suitable" half-truth from british papers? That is what I saw by own eyes.

  • Fidel - 2012-03-06 07:24

    Putin is a winner, whereas most posting on here are whiners.

      Anthony - 2012-03-06 07:37

      Are you starting your childish anti Western BS again ? You take such an easy road; Support DICTATORS, TYRANTS, THUGS, WAR CRIMINALS etc, etc, And to hell with the people !!!!!!!

  • NicolaVanAss - 2012-03-06 07:32

    Love the way when it's not someone they wanted to win... It's corrupt!! LOL

      Fidel - 2012-03-06 07:58

      This is a ridiculous definition of democracy. And in particular I haven't heard the democracy loving west for that matter, use it in relation the much-hailed 'election' in Yemen where there was one candidate (the VP of the former repressive, US-allied regime) who got 99% of the vote..! The western view of a democratic country is one who's government can be led by the nose to support the USA's (and their allies) policies whilst having their resources pillaged.

      Anthony - 2012-03-06 08:08

      Fidel, You can hardly become more pathetic and childish. Don't worry, you live in a country where you can freely express yourself, WITHOUT FEAR. That is a lot more than in the countries you support !!!!!

      Fidel - 2012-03-06 08:18

      Pathetic, childish, blah blah blah....Is that all you can argue?

      Africa21stcentury - 2012-03-06 09:26

      No, sorry , forgot the word; RACIST !!

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