Fear of serial killer in New York

2010-12-14 22:47

Babylon - A New York police chief says investigators are considering the possibility that a serial killer may have dumped four bodies that were found recently along the same half kilometre stretch of road.

Suffolk County police Commissioner Richard Dormer says three bodies and a set of skeletal remains were discovered along a road on Long Island's Oak Beach.

They were found on Saturday and Monday as police were investigating a missing person report on nearby Fire Island.

Dormer says 24-year-old Shonnan Gilbert of Jersey City, New Jersey, was last seen on May 1.

He said Gilbert worked as a prostitute and arranged through Craigslist to meet a client on Fire Island. He said there was no indication yet that she was among the bodies found.

  • ray.romans - 2010-12-15 07:37

    In SA, this would not even make the news.

  • preshengovender69 - 2010-12-15 08:38

    they need CSI New York to crack the case

  • GBES - 2010-12-15 10:24

    Maybe Gen Cele can help to catch the murderous American. Crime is rampant everywhere,not only in S.Africa.

  • Riaan - 2010-12-15 10:35

    Did you know that the forensics in SA is one of the best forensic departments in the world. Ranking higher than USA

  • S.Soga - 2010-12-15 11:50

    @ray.romans, you are right, we don't have serial killers as stupid as this. 4 bodies along the same road? Ha!

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