Powerful quake rocks Tokyo region

2012-01-01 08:04

Tokyo - A major 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Tokyo on Sunday, Japan's Meteorological Agency said, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injury and no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake struck at 14:28 (05:28 GMT), the agency said. Its epicentre was located near Torishima, an island about 560km south of Tokyo. It was about 370km deep.

The mid-afternoon quake swayed buildings in Tokyo but it did not disrupt the final of the Emperor's Cup football tournament under way at the National Stadium.

  • Squeegee - 2012-01-01 08:49

    Good thing it was so deep. Glad no one was hurt.

      Squeegee - 2012-01-01 20:30

      Later reports say 4.0 strength...

  • colin.dovey - 2012-01-01 10:12

    Glad nobody was hurt - must be scary though. One could, tongue in cheek, say that country rocks!

  • Cliff - 2012-01-01 10:31

    Never understood the depth factor. Does anybody know the depth of the big one that caused so much damage in Japan? Glad no casualties!

      Squeegee - 2012-01-01 20:33

      It was a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46 JST (05:46 UTC) on Friday, 11 March 2011 with the epicenter approximately 70 kilometres (43 mi) east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tohoku and the hypocenter at an underwater depth of approximately 32 km - Wikipeadia.

  • Ian - 2012-01-01 11:08

    mother nature 1 - whale murderers 0

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