Qaeda kills 20+ for being US spies

2011-12-14 14:34

Cairo - At least 20 people accused of spying for the United States were executed by suspected al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen, a local tribal leader told the Kuwaiti newspaper As-Sayassa on Wednesday.

"Al-Qaeda members have also amputated the hands of 16 people on charges of theft," the unnamed tribal leader was quoted as saying in the report.

He said the alleged executions and amputations took place in Abyan province but did not give exact dates of when it happened.

The tribal leader also blamed suspected al-Qaeda radicals for forcing around 150 000 to flee Abyan.
"This was in punishment for their rejection of al-Qaeda," he said.

In the past few months, Abyan has been the scene of frequent clashes between the government forces and suspected al-Qaeda sympathisers.

The Yemeni opposition has repeatedly accused supporters of outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh of using al-Qaeda as a means to create political chaos in the Arabian Peninsula country.

The opposition has also accused Saleh's government of handing over Ayban to al-Qaeda militants in a bid to gain military and political support from the West.

  • Anthony - 2011-12-14 15:18

    no in house fighting, shooting was for fun. Ja well no fine...

  • Todd - 2011-12-14 22:22

    I think we have to use the intelligence services from any country that will work with the USA. China, Japan, South korea, North KOrea, and any nato country and the troops of any country. They just have to work toward the common goal of gathering intelligence on the enemy. Think more Operatives' the harder it would be too get rid of them. They could handle more of the security for the indivisual spie going on a mission, cover for the indivisual would be increased and more people could go in teams and get more intelligence on more the enemy and better mission coverage. They could be CIA hit squads, take them out and soround the building and blow it up with explosives or take it out in a drone. But the best thing about this stratagy is that al qaeda would be outnumberd and out gunned and outmanuverd in a joint success operation.

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