Qaeda threatens attacks on US diplomats

2012-09-18 14:09

Cairo - Al-Qaeda's branch in North Africa on Tuesday called for attacks on US diplomats and an escalation of protests against an anti-Islam video that was produced in the United States and triggered a wave of demonstrations in Muslim countries.

While demonstrations have tapered off in nations including Egypt and Tunisia, a protest against the film turned violent in Indian-controlled Kashmir and small rallies were held in Indonesia.

In Kabul, the Afghan capital, a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a mini-bus carrying South African aviation workers to the airport, killing at least 12 people in an attack that a militant group said was revenge for the film Innocence of Muslims, which was made by an Egyptian-born American citizen.

US officials describe the video as offensive, but the American government's protection of free speech rights has clashed with the anger of Muslims abroad who are furious over the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, womaniser and pedophile.

In a statement, al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb praised the killing of Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi on 11 September.

The group threatened attacks in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania, and condemned the United States for "lying to Muslims for more than 10 years, saying its war was against terrorism and not Islam".

Most active branch

The group urged Muslims to pull down and burn American flags at embassies, and kill or expel American diplomats to "purge our land of their filth in revenge for the honor of the Prophet".

Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula recently issued a similar call for attacks on US diplomatic facilities. It is al-Qaeda's most active branch in the Middle East.

An Islamist militant group, Hizb-i-Islami, claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul. The group is headed by 65-year-old former warlord Gubuddin Hekmatyar, a former Afghan prime minister and one-time US ally who is now listed as a terrorist by Washington.

The militia has thousands of fighters and followers across the country's north and east.

In Kashmir's main city of Srinagar, a strike shut down businesses and public transportation as marchers burned US flags and an effigy of President Barack Obama.

When the protesters tried to march into the main business district, police fired tear gas and used batons to disperse them, a police officer said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to reporters. Protesters hurled rocks at the troops, he said. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

US flag torched

An alliance of Kashmiri religious groups called the strike in response to the anti-Islam film. The shutdown was supported by the bar association, trade unions and separatist groups in the volatile region, where strikes are a common tactic to protest against Indian rule.

In Indonesia, about 200 people from various Islamic groups torched an American flag and tires outside the US Consulate in the third largest city of Medan. Some unfurled banners saying, "Go to hell America", while others trampled on dozens of paper flags.

Also on Tuesday, about 100 Muslim students in Makassar, a city in central Indonesia, called for the death penalty against the filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

The government in Bangladesh blocked YouTube on Monday to prevent people from seeing the video. Mir Mohammaed Morshed, a spokesperson for the state-run Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited, said the decision will remain effective until further notice.

Google has blocked access to the video in Libya and Egypt following violence there, and in Indonesia and India because it says the video broke laws in those countries.

  • allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-09-18 14:30

    I hope the Govt takes this threat to SA seriously , we have been attacked and there should be no bones about it . We have officially been targeted in a co-ordinated terror attack against our citizens.

      Zzsm Moolla - 2012-09-18 14:42

      mr ninja there is no treat to sa . america has killed thousands and thousands muslims and they had enough of oppression .

      sean.carbutt - 2012-09-18 14:47

      So let me understand this. Muslims get to do what they like, when they like and how they like, but heaven forbid a person who is not a muslim says something about them. Newsflash, there are other religions besides Islam, people have different points of view to muslims, we are all entitled to get into heaven unlike what your Q'Ran says about only the "believers" will get in. You will not force your archaic views on the rest of the planet. Lastly, if the american is the so called enemy, why don't you all just fawk off back to afganistan, saudi arabia, yemen or wherever the fawk it is that you came from. Leave the west in peace and they will leave you in peace, minus any food aids, crops, technology, cars, electronic gadgets, block on the internet, clothing, gaming, movies etc etc. I am sure you will be real happy eating goat balls [a delicacy] sitting in them there hills, wearing your beduhin clothing. Happy now.

      customdesign - 2012-09-18 15:09

      Zzsm- they attacked South Africans, not Americans numb nut. Anyhow, the Muslims killed more of their own than anyone else did, they should get revenge on themselves. Oh yes wait, they are...

      Madhi - 2012-09-18 16:18

      Where have u been attacked? By who? send them my way, I will fix them for u my son or daughter (hopefully not inbetween are u?).

  • wo0two0t - 2012-09-18 14:47

    weak people - grow up!

  • freddie.mostert.3 - 2012-09-18 14:54

    Movie made abt Jesus being gay was okay to the world! Just dont touch me on my islam, i kill you! Is he that weak that you have to do the killing for him?

      customdesign - 2012-09-18 15:21

      Or you could say that the Christian religion is so strong that it doesn't need people to defend it with violence. People get angry and kill when they feel threatened, like you deep down obviously do Brownbear. Violence is a sign of weak faith, must be horrible to be a Muslim and live under such an oppressive stifling doctrine. Probably much like being in a cult.

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-09-18 15:27

      No it's because only Muslims behave like animals and burn things when their religion is criticized. And the biggest joke is - it is honestly the most pathetic film I have ever watched and 99.99% of the people protesting haven't seen it.

      Madhi - 2012-09-18 16:22

      I think who ever made a gay movie about jesus must be a non practising christian, but then again that was wrong and if u give me the names of the producers of that movie I will send security guards to them, they will have so much fun they won't even have time or energy to breathe afterwards, forever.

      anneck.cranke - 2012-09-18 22:20

      Ziyaad, Christianity is mocked and ridiculed the world over every day! Our Lord Jesus Christ is blasphemied and shamed on a daily basis, how blind and brainwashed are you to think YOUR religion is the ONLY religion to be mocked and made fun of!??? Example: in certain circles we have seen books portaying Jesus as a man who married and had a love child - completely MOCKING CHRISTIAN BELIEFS! In other circles Jesus is portrayed as a homosexual! Yet WE do not go tearing down government embassies in protest, burning flags and go on murderous rampages through cities! Why? Because WE are SECURE in our beliefs! Think about that!

  • Zzsm Moolla - 2012-09-18 15:01

    so wat is america still doin in arab countries who the hell are they to control people that dont need them. sean you may take your fancy electronics and cars and stuff them

  • joey.hazlitt - 2012-09-18 16:19

    These white boys killed in Afghanistan were working for NATO and the Americans, not the Afghan people. These are all former white SANDF boys. They should not have been there, just as they should not be in Afghanistan. Amazing how white South Africans get soooo sad when people of their own hue are killed.

      customdesign - 2012-09-18 16:33

      Ur a retard.

  • joey.hazlitt - 2012-09-18 16:22

    Who killed 6 million jews? A NAZI christian (Hitler) Who killed 50million chinese? An atheist (Chairman Mao) Who killed 50million of his own people? An atheist(Stalin) Who fired the first nuclear weapons? A majority christian nation (USA) Who blindly supported apartheid? White Christians and the Dutch Church Before you accuse Islam and muslims of violence, engage in some introspection.

      anneck.cranke - 2012-09-18 22:24

      Who preaches the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews?

  • Gcodi Mahomed - 2012-09-18 18:02

    why do non muslims comment on islamic issues,when they have bigger problems of they own,does catholic priest bonking young boys,(some of the victims posting here),homosexuality,incest,bestiality,rape, ring a bell??

  • gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-19 11:57

    Madhi, another of these muslim cowards. Hajis don't have balls. Either way you do not make any sense.

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