Qantas plane in 'priority landing'

2012-02-03 08:45

Sydney - A Qantas aircraft carrying 74 passengers was forced to make a "priority landing" on Friday in Canberra after experiencing engine problems shortly after take-off.

The airline said the Bombardier Q400 aircraft was climbing at about 2 500m on its trip from Canberra to Sydney when it experienced the trouble.

"The engine was shut down and the aircraft returned to Canberra, landing without incident," a spokesperson said, describing it as a priority landing, which is one step below an emergency landing.

"Engineers are inspecting the aircraft to determine the cause of the issue."

On board was Andrew Fagan, chief executive of Super 15 rugby club ACT Brumbies. He tweeted that the airplane made a smooth landing.

"Prop stopped spinning few kms in the air. Not a wonderful sight!," he tweeted. "Landed safely with one prop."

Last week, a Qantas airctaft carrying more than 160 people was diverted to a remote Australian mining town after the crew noticed an odour in the cabin. It landed without incident.