Remains of 167 people found

2012-03-11 08:32

Mexico City - Mexican authorities have found the remains of 167 people in a southern Mexican cave, and forensic experts believe the remains are at least 50 years old, according to a statement from Chiapas state prosecutors.

The statement released on Saturday said the remains were found on Friday on the Nuevo Ojo de Agua ranch in an area frequently used by Central American migrants travelling north. The statement said there were no visible signs of violence on the remains, which "break easily."

The statement said authorities will "not discard any line of investigation."

The remains were discovered stacked atop each other in the cave, said a prosecutor's office employee who was not authorised to release information and asked not to be identified. The remains have been moved to the state capital of Tuxtla Gutierrez for examination, the employee said.

Mass graves have been found in the past two years mainly in northern Mexico containing the bodies of dozens of migrants and others allegedly killed by drug cartels.

  • acsteyn - 2012-03-11 08:52

    That is frighting, The artice seems to be a bit contradicting speaking to no evidence of voilence to murders committed by drug cartels?

      Grant - 2012-03-11 10:38

      The report was only refering to the latest find. @Margie : drug related murders have been going on for years in SA. I once shared a room at a boarding house in Jhb with a guy who had his legs and head smashed with a baseball bat over some drug deal.

  • Mari Theologo - 2012-03-11 12:32

    Nobody is safe anymore anywhere in the world!! Killers are getting more and more evil! In our country we need the death penalty!!

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