Romney loses favour in new US poll

2012-08-08 23:03

Washington - Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney is losing favour among US voters just three months ahead of his tough election battle with President Barack Obama, a new poll showed on Wednesday.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that 49% of voters have a negative view of the former Massachusetts governor, up from 45% in May.

Forty percent of voters, meanwhile, see him in a positive light, practically the same proportion from the spring.
In contrast, 53% of voters said they had a favourable opinion of challenger Obama, while 43% said they felt negatively about him.

By a margin of 53% to 40%, more key independent voters see Obama favourably rather than unfavourably. Fifty% of this group view Romney unfavourably, compared to 37% who consider him favourably.


Romney has had a rough summer marred in part by a series of slip-ups during a trip abroad to Britain, Israel and Poland. He has also come under fire for his refusal to release his tax returns from before 2010.

Among supporters of his own Republican Party, 83% have a good feeling about Romney ahead of the 6 November election but just 41% feel "strongly favourable." 61% of Democrats meanwhile feel this way about their candidate.

The poll, carried out 1 to 5 August, surveyed 1 026 adults, and the margin of sampling error was plus or minus four percentage points.

A separate Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News poll released on Wednesday shows a tight race shaping up in the battleground states of Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin, three states won by Obama in 2008.

While Romney leads Obama 50% to 45% in Colorado, the president is ahead 49% to 45% in Virginia, and 51% to 45% in Wisconsin, according to the poll.

Most voters in the three states appear to have already made up their minds, said Quinnipiac assistant director Peter Brown, suggesting that Obama and Romney are slugging it out over a limited number of undecided voters.

"Nine out of 10 in each state say they are sure they will vote for the candidate they favour, which means that the pool of those who say they can be persuaded is pretty small," Brown said.

Battleground states

Voters in Virginia and Wisconsin see the two candidates as roughly even on the question of who can best fix the economy - the top issue in the 2012 election.

But in Colorado Romney is ahead on that front by 10 points

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted 31 July to 6 August and has a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points.

The new figures come as Obama heads to Colorado on the campaign trail on Wednesday, while Romney has events in Iowa.

Analysts and political experts say the 2012 election will come down to the results in about 10 battleground states.

A Quinnipiac poll last week showed Obama ahead of Romney in the three largest swing states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. No candidate has won the White House since 1960 without winning at least two of those three states.

  • bruce.wells.963 - 2012-08-09 01:45

    A man wanting to stand for president and he does not know the difference between Sheik and Sikh! He won't know who he is governing!

      zaatheist - 2012-08-09 05:48

      .... and he also thinks his magic underwear can protect him from evil, that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, Jesus visited America and that his god will give him his own planet when he dies. Religion is crazy but his is of the bat brand.

      kevin.watson.7906 - 2012-08-09 09:20

      And he is well educated by US standards, well travelled and wealthy. You should see the voters he is trying to appeal to, they would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

      jack.russel.14268769 - 2012-08-11 19:30

      yeah as opposed to other educated people who think that nothingness exploded into matter or magic matter defying all laws of physics for the purposes of the absurd theory to survive, and as the earth cooled for 4.6 billion year in a -435 degree environment the fish jumped out of the water turned into bears and then jumped back in to turn into whales. We should get Hollywood to make a movie we could call it transformers 4.6

  • paul.anthony.dawson - 2012-08-09 03:36

    He's a moron. Ooops, I mean Mormon.

  • mpiyakhe.dhlamini - 2012-08-09 04:28

    makes no difference,the only person with a significantly different view of policy from both candidates is no longer in the running(ron paul),everything else is just hollywood.

      cvh23 - 2012-08-13 13:06

      Ron Paul is the most inspirational and principled politician I know.

  • brandon.faber.908 - 2012-08-09 08:43

    Romney is an idiot. Period.

      James - 2012-08-09 13:05

      Whats your standard for "Idiot" Romney as MM Consultant at McKinsey {NO 1 IN THE WORLD} They hire top 1% Ivy League Graduates. He was regarded as a Financial genius there.He graduated top of his class. He did NOT inherit he made $250,000,000 from scratch. At Bain he made investors a lot of Money.

      brandon.faber.908 - 2012-08-09 15:05

      Have you actually listened to the man speak? I have. And he certainly is has no EQ to go with that IQ you talk about

      mark.barker.370 - 2012-08-09 16:59

      Brandon - you are probably a bigger idiot

      hamish.drake1 - 2012-08-11 11:38

      @james ... Willard dodged the draft for 10 yrs. He didn't come top of his class and make no mistake about his familybeing rich and well connected. He didn't grow up in poverty and after 10 yrs of study I would think he would be a tad more intelligent about the real world.

      jack.russel.14268769 - 2012-08-11 19:01

      he had two jobs while going through college, lived in a basement flat while his wife had MS, raising 5 kids and going to night school. A self made millionaire with numerous undisclosed donations to charities churches MS research etc. Had a health care program while Governor in Massachusetts giving all under 18's free health care without raising taxes- where Obama's health care is identical to Romney s. So while getting Nobel prizes a day after sending 15000 more troops to war, extending the patriot act and extending gitmo's budget, I repeat, the propaganda machine purrs like a kitten.

  • kevin.watson.7906 - 2012-08-09 09:15

    I wonder why the voters in the state of the lone wolf killers would not want to stay with the less radical option. The US needs leaders who do not fan the flames of the right wing gun crazies. In fact they need to plan the way forward carefully or they will find themselves in an increasingly antagonistic world whilst their economy deteriorates because they spend more that they earn as a nation.

  • bob.robertson.3363 - 2012-08-09 10:04

    I very much doubt that a Mormon will be elected into the Oval office, so Obama might win another period in office by default. Sadly, both the USA and South Africa suffer from having run out of good presidential candidates. But at least the American people are afforded the opportunity to vote for their president, whereas we have to suffer the dreadful consequences of having inefficient politicians electing one for us, regardless of how equally inefficient he/she is bound to be. I wonder when South Africa will ever enjoy full democracy?

      henryian73 - 2012-08-09 19:31

      Bob. Obama a great leader. I think he possibly one of the best in years!

  • cvh23 - 2012-08-12 22:51

    I don't believe in left/right politics. I am a libertarian and believe that individual freedom and liberty trumps all other causes. I don't believe that politics can solve any serious problem. I don't believe a self respecting person can support or vote for the 'lesser of two evils', whether its Obama or Romney. there is no difference. its the presidential reality show. no self respecting person can associate with the lesser of two evils this explains it:

  • cvh23 - 2012-08-13 09:33

    "10,000+ ROMNEYRYAN RALLY IN WI: GC: Romney/Ryan, Obama/Biden, Bieber/Kardashian, how can adults believe and cheer 4 these 2-bit freak shows?" Gerald Celente

  • cvh23 - 2012-08-13 13:07

    can anyone name one major issue on which barry and mittens disagree?

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