Romney's wife keen to have female VP

2012-07-05 18:54

Washington - Republican Mitt Romney has been quietly narrowing down his options for a White House running mate, but in the midst of a closely watched vice presidential battle, his wife hinted she'd like a woman on the ticket.

Asked directly if her husband should choose a woman, Ann Romney told CBS News in an interview that aired early Thursday: "We've been looking at that and I'd love that option as well. So you know, there's a lot of people that Mitt is considering right now."

She said she had a few choices "that I really like a lot", but would not be drawn on which people she might have in mind.

When the candidate, seated next to his wife during the interview, was asked for comment on the topic, Romney quipped: "What she said."

Team Romney is well aware of what happened in 2008, when Republican nominee John McCain rolled the dice and picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his number two.

Palin, the first woman Republican vice presidential candidate, inspired conservatives, but millions of Americans dismissed her as ill-prepared for the job. McCain's Democratic rival Barack Obama ended up winning the presidency.

The Romney family is currently on a one-week vacation in the state of New Hampshire, the last major break for Mitt Romney campaign before the Republican convention at the end of August.

It is widely assumed Romney will name his running mate before the convention, but the question is when.

"I can't tell you that," Mitt Romney said.

"I have an idea in mind but that's something I'm keeping close with my team."

  • chas.holman - 2012-07-05 19:25

    Ann is being used as propaganda.. Look, I am just a bit older than Mitt, and was born and raised LDS (Mormon). Like me, Mitt is old school.. unlike me, Mitt takes this stuff very seriously. When Mitt and I were kids (Ironically I was born in Detroit, my parents went to the same Church (but not ward) and my mother used to watch some of the Romney klan in our home), we were taught that not only were people of color sinners in a past life, and had ZERO chance of getting to the Celestial Kingdom unless they came back in the next life less sin free and white, but that women were subservient to men. To this day there is NOT one person in power in the LDS church that is a woman.. NOT ONE. We were taught that there will be a great Mormon leader in the presidency days preceding the second coming, this will be the sign it is happening. There is NO WAY Mitt is going to have a minority or a woman a heartbeat away from leadership under his watch.. BEST BET IN VEGAS.. -- I truly hope he proves me wrong, and if he does I will come back here and publicly eat every one of my words.. I'll let you spoon feed them to me in fact.

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