Ron Paul suspends active campaign

2012-05-14 22:29

Washington - Ron Paul, the US congressman who led a stubbornly persistent presidential bid against presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and other rivals, said on Monday he is suspending active campaigning.

Paul said in a statement he will "no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries," opting instead to work on amassing delegates to the party's national convention, even though his chances of winning the nomination are virtually nil.

Paul insists his team "will continue to work in the state convention process" and seek to win delegates in order to "carry a strong message" to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida in late August.

A Republican candidate needs 1 144 delegates in order to be declared the nominee. Romney has some 949, according to a count by respected website RealClearPolitics, and is expected to wrap up the nomination on May 29 when he wins the Texas primary.

Romney's two main challengers, religious conservative Rick Santorum and former House speaker Newt Gingrich, dropped out in April and May, respectively, leaving Paul as Romney's lone Republican opponent for the past two weeks.

"This campaign fought hard and won electoral success that the talking heads and pundits never thought possible. But, this campaign is also about more than just the 2012 election," he said.

"It is about the campaign for liberty, which has taken a tremendous leap forward in this election and will continue to grow stronger in the future until we finally win."

After coming third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire - the first votes to choose the Republican who will challenge President Barack Obama in November - the unorthodox 76-year-old shot unexpectedly into the mainstream.

Few believed that Paul could parlay his support into enough delegates to win the nomination, but party elders have been careful not to trample his ideas in case he bolts altogether and launches a third-party presidential bid.

  • lyncas - 2012-05-14 22:53

    Ron Paul did not suspend his campaign. Try to read the actual statement from Paul before writing a news article. Ron Paul will bring spending money on delegate strategy, not on buying tv ADs in states.

      Louwhan - 2012-05-15 10:42

      Well stated

      DSBennie - 2012-05-15 11:12

      That is American for suspending ones campaign

  • lenzi.marques - 2012-05-15 02:04

    haha finally the mainstream media reports on ron paul. i saw him on cnn even today!!!! wow.. however its only to report something ill of the man, they've made a concerted effort to ignore him along the way, always playing to ridicule him.. goes to show.. the global status quo elites are scared of what he has to say.

  • Jaba - 2012-05-15 08:16

    Time to retire from the Republican Party – Its no surprise he has done so bad, his views were more in line with the Democrats. He would do well as a Democrat nominee.

      Matt - 2012-05-15 08:33

      Funny you would call the most conservative candidate in line with the democrats, while Romney may as well be Obama on most issues. Paul is the only candidate not in bed with the CFR, that is why he stands out. Members of the CFR are provided with huge election campaign sponsors such as big banks and corporations, then, once elected they repay the \sponsors\ in various ways generally leaving out the needs of the people all together. Never trust a member of the CFR!

      Luther - 2012-05-15 08:44

      all I can say is thank God for ppl like Ron Paul, otherwise the human race will remain as sheep to the slaugther! stand by for more economic crisis, created by the main stream elite, we are nothing but foot soldiers to them, generation after us will suffer if we dont stand up and be counted.... Dear 1%, We were asleep but now we are awake, yours sincerely 99% :)

      Denny - 2012-05-15 09:28

      Well he has strong libertarian leanings. Typically libertarians will mostly agree with Republicans on economic issues and with Democrats on social issues. (Basically equates to minimal government intervention in our private lives and in the economy). Naturally there will be a couple exceptions to this. To my mind the biggest issue for the upcoming US elections should be the economy so between the two parties he is probably in the right one. Ideologically he probably still belongs in the Libertarian Party (ran for President with them back in 1988) but due to the two party system the US has I guess he feels he can change things more by shaping the Republican party closer to his ideals. Despite his fiscally conservative policies, it will always be hard to sell his views on drugs/wars/etc to some very socially conservative republicans.

      Louwhan - 2012-05-15 10:48

      Hi Luther. Don´t fall into the OWS trap. Within the 1% you have to analyze the composition. Ron Paul is a pure capitalist. He praises legitimate success but not at the cost of others, special interest groups or bailouts. There are plenty of people in the 1% who create most of the work force in the world but then you have the psychopathic BANKSTERS, MIC etc.. that give them a bad name.

      Matt - 2012-05-15 11:34

      The Rothchild banking family are to blame.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-05-15 10:34

    Ron Paul is the only hope the US electorate have at this time, that the secret service actively monitors his supporters and has in fact detained his staff member's as threats to the United States, shows clearly that he is feared by the upper class, who know he will reduce their holding to increase the holding of the masses. Any person who can get an entire class of people on the run, can only be working for the good of the have nots.

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