Rudd 'drives the porcelain bus'

2008-06-06 13:19

Sydney - Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Friday he had identified the mystery fast food that gave him a stomach bug last month, forcing him to "drive the porcelain bus".

Rudd was taken ill after attending a rugby league match in Sydney last month and this week had to quash suggestions he had suffered a minor heart attack.

The prime minister's office initially blamed his condition on "a dodgy dagwood dog" - a battered saveloy sausage served on a stick.

When it emerged that dagwood dogs were not on the menu at the game, Rudd pointed to "party pies", bite-sized pastry and beef morsels, as the suspects.

But he revealed on Friday that the culprit behind the prime ministerial chunder Down Under had been identified as a chicken sausage known as a kransky.

"My initial advice from my advisers was I'd eaten a dagwood dog, then it could have been a party pie, but I'm reliably informed this morning it could well have been something called a chicken kransky," he told commercial radio.

"Do you know what a chicken kransky is? Neither do I. Whatever it was, there was a subsequent revisitation."

Rudd used the Australian vernacular "driving the porcelain bus" to describe the food's impact on him, although he could just as easily have referred to "talking on the big white telephone" or emitting a "technicolour yawn".

He said he was amused at the extensive media coverage of his illness.

"I'm kind of interested in how these things start, we've all had to drive the porcelain bus at some stage," he said.