Russia court bans Scientology books

2011-06-30 17:26

Moscow - A court in a Moscow suburb has banned works by the founder of the Church of Scientology.

The Prosecutor General's office said on Thursday that the Schelkovo court ruled that What is Scientology? and other L Ron Hubbard books "contain calls for extremist activities".

A court in the Siberian city of Surgut made a similar decision in April, but the Justice Ministry overturned its ruling.

Scientology officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

The group says it has 10 million followers worldwide, but some European countries consider it a cult or sect.

Russia's dominant Orthodox Church has denounced Scientology as a "totalitarian sect".

  • Boer - 2011-06-30 17:56

    Scientology is a CULT. It's not a religion it's a CON. No wonder Hollywood is laughing at John Travolta and this idiot Tom Cruise.

      zaatheist - 2011-06-30 20:29

      All religions are cults.

      Matt - 2011-07-01 11:37

      Strictly speaking it's a sect - a cult is something whereby there is a holy book of some sorts, then some guy twists it and punts his own ideas and literature, and followers follow his idea and literature rather than reading the actual holy book for themselves...

  • zaatheist - 2011-06-30 20:29

    Well closing down an obvious fraud is a good thing. But why the discrimination? All religions are money making scams with not a shred of evidence to support their claims for supernatural gods.

  • Matt - 2011-07-01 11:39

    Good for Russia - shame SA couldn't do the same. For some reason there are a few cars driving aruond my area (Primrose) with Scientology stickers on the doors to promote it :-( Bottom line, if you go to a mall and get offered a free personality test and especially if an "e-meter" is present - or are recommended to read or study anything vaguely linked to "dianetics" or L Ron Hubbard - run like the wind!!!

  • Matt - 2011-07-01 11:44

    You have to appreciate the irony about the News24 website. Here is an article about Scientology literature being banned in Russia as it's a cult/sect... and then once you scroll to the bottom of the page, past the comments, there are random adverts which include a link to the Scientology website encouraging you to read "the truth"... hahahaha

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