Russia to deliver weapons to Syria

2012-07-11 17:01

Moscow - Russia said on Wednesday it would fulfil a contract to deliver air defence systems to Syria and had no plans to impose an arms embargo on its Soviet-era ally despite growing pressure from the West.

"Russia has obligations before Syria relating to old contracts - contracts that were signed in 2008 and were later followed by new ones on air defence systems," the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Co-operation's deputy chief Vyacheslav Dzirkaln said.

"They are being fulfilled and they will be fulfilled," he told Russian news agencies on the sidelines of the Farnborough Airshow near London.

"But we are not signing any new contracts at this stage," the senior arms export official added in comments echoing ones he had made earlier in the week.

Dzirkaln said Russia's decision not to sign new contracts with Syria while the fighting continued in no way spelled a shift in policy or a decision by Moscow to comply with a Western arms embargo of Assad's regime.

"One cannot possibly speak of us imposing an arms or military technology embargo on Syria," Dzirkaln was quoted as saying.

Russia last month tried sending a cargo ship to Syria with three repaired attack helicopters as well as elements of an air defence system for President Bashar Assad's regime.

The vessel was forced to return to its Arctic base in Russia after the mission was exposed by the US States Department and its British insurer ended up dropping cover.

Dzirkaln on Wednesday vowed to complete this shipment and stressed that most outstanding contracts now concerned air defence systems that were meant to protect Syria's border in accordance with international rules.

"We are delivering weapons and military technology of an exclusively defensive nature. This primarily concerns air defence systems but also some spare parts," he said.

Dzirkaln said Russia was now thinking up ways of delivering the three helicopters "without any losses to us and without any provocations by the interested parties."

Officials had earlier suggested that an option to send the parts by air had been dropped in favour of a new seafaring mission.

  • Tommo - 2012-07-11 17:11

    Just send the weapons to Syria. The Americans will destroy them. The resistance will win in the end and the people of Syria will never forget Russia for what it has done against them...

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 18:13

      Oh the beloved Americans. They never lose wars. I've seen all the movies.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 18:33

      Case in point again. Fidel and Patrick are obsessed with their core belief that the US and West are evil. Their views have little if anything to do with helping the Syrian people free themselves from decades of oppression and not being allowed to vote. They distort their world views with this immature core belief. Hence their views are unreliable, unrelated to real events. They even unwittingly support the oppression of the Syrian people who haven't voted and are bent killed in their homes by an unelected leader.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:08

      There's nothing to answer Patrick. The disaster is already there, at the hands of Assad and Russia. You're just blinding yourself to it. The Syrian people deserve the world's help. They're not getting it. But you don't see this because to you the West and freer world are evil.

      jans.opresser - 2012-07-11 19:27

      fred,you talk of syria being free and assad killing his people,but you had no problem when nato killed THOUSANDS of gadaffi supporters, aka libyan citizens under the disguise of protecting them. with allies as yourself and anthony,no one would ever need enemies. I am beginning to believe that you and anthony are muslims who are members of the muslim brotherhood or al-qaeda,or are sunni's who want the shiite's removed. anthony's true name is probably 'Abdul" and yours is probably "Fareed"

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:39

      You make yourself to be ignorant when you make statements like this Jans. NATO targeted Gaddafi's military resources, which HE was using to kill, detain, torture and rape Libyans who WANTED TO VOTE. It's mission was not petfect. It killed 72 civilians. This is awful, unacceptable, but a far cry from what you're saying, which is nothing more than a personal prejudice again. Do you really want to put yourself at such a low, faulty level of perspective and awareness?

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 20:10

      Only 72 dead, after over 10000 sorties, with 7700 bombs fired. Those bombs must really be "smart" indeed. You are truly insufferable!

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-07-11 20:22

      Fidel as ever in denial.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 20:30

      Gerhard as ever with his one liners!

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-07-11 20:36

      Fidel, You visited the Africa site a few times today. But, you 'forgot' to make a comment on the story of your Iranian friends,you know the ones who export terrorism... sending 100 kg of explosives to kenya.............................. Must have been a slight oversight.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 20:41

      The same faulty belief distorting Fidel's reality again.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 21:00

      @Anthony I've just read the article, it says an Iranian national was caught with explosives. It could have been a Saudi, Guatemalan, Pakistani, South African, British, French or Canadian national. What's your point really?

      jans.opresser - 2012-07-11 21:07

      fred,you and anthony are the biggest liars on the planet. on August 9 of 2011,nato killed EIGHTY FIVE CIVILLIANS ON THAT DAY ALONE!! how do you come up with 72 total? you are going off the lies that the western media and NGO's are giving to you.nato killed THOUSANDS of libyan citizens and are now attempting to stop ANY investigation into the deaths that they caused.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 21:21

      You're showing your prejudice again Jans. That was reported by the Libyan Health Office at the time. Hardly a reliable source. You're digger an ever deeper hole for yourself and making yourself more and more wrong. Do you really want to do this.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 21:36

      In case you've missed the main point, which you probably have, it's you who believed lies, based on your faulty anti-West core belief. Mature the belief, then you'll see a truer reality. Right now, like Fidel and Patrick, you're at a low awareness level. .

      jans.opresser - 2012-07-11 21:41

      Sure fred. and YOU are a beacon of TRUTH by posting the same lies and numbers that was given by the same people who committd the murders which is NATO. since you think that you are such a great debater then answer this simple question for me. why is NATO blocking any and all attempts by the UNITED NATIONS to get the FACTUAL number of deaths that NATO caused.nato doesnt even want to answer to any investigations that its PARENT org wants conducted. if you believe that assad should go and you dont want any innocent civillians killed by nato,then the answer is simple. why dont YOU lead the assault on syria to ensure that no civillains are killed by nato? and if you go,please take anthony with you!

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 21:58

      You're still looking through the lens of your faulty, immature belief that the West is evil, murderers. Again, you won't see a truer reality that way. You'll continue to be at a low, ineffective awareness level.

  • colin.langley - 2012-07-11 17:21

    The world has gone mad. I cannot for the life of me understand this treachery against the people of Syria. Why the hell do we have the UN? Bunch of useless bastards!

      jaba.kov - 2012-07-12 08:16

      U N = Useless Nations Whenever Russia's name is involved in Middle Eastern countries affairs & armaments; we all later mourn the deaths of thousands... 17000 to date to be exact - very sad world we live in indeed.

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 17:41

    In 2011, Britain sold £2.25b worth of arms to the Bahrain regime, as it systematically crushed the opposition there; and £1.735bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, which is possibly the most repressive state in the whole Middle East, and which helped to crush opposition in Bahrain as well. Further confirmation that there is absolutely no morality or altruism in politics. Economic interests are immune to morality.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 17:56

      Fidel continues to hold the same immature core belief that the West is evil. What has this got to do with the Syrian people being killed in their homes by an unelected dictator armed by Russia. How does this help them. It doesn't. It's all about Fidel's narcissistic obsession. While even one death or harm to human beings wanting freedom and human rights is unacceptible, Bahrain has not killed thousands of unarmed demonstrators, and detained, tortured and raped tens of thousands more.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-07-11 18:18

      It is only the size of chicken eggs getting smaller, Fidel has not 'yet, blamed the West for. Fidel's HATRED for Africa and for all peoples who crave for freedom is astounding. Sitting in the comfort of your own home, with plenty food, drinks, and NO FEAR of some assad terrorist kicking in your door, and shooting you at point blanc range, and THAN ABUSING THIS FREEDOM, BY DENYING OTHERS THE SAME, ----IS SICKENING !!!!! Carry on with your silly childish anti Western BS and CRAP. You do not deserve respect from ANYONE !!!!

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 18:27

      Not that this has anything to do with freedom from oppression for the Syrian people either, but Saudi Arabia too has not killed, detained, tortured and raped tens of thousands of its citizens. It is a highly chauvinistic regime, which is totally unacceptable. But the reason Fidel calls it the most oppressive regime in the Middle East is, again, related to his immature core belief that the West is evil. Saudi Arabia has a working relationship with the US and freer world.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 18:36

      @Anthony I don't care whether you respect me or not, as I'm not trying to convert you. Why don't you go and join the opposition in Syria if you feel so passionate about fighting Assad. Could it be because you're too comfortable sitting on your desk, clicking post comment now and then.

      keith.murphy.9638 - 2012-07-11 18:38

      Fidel those western vampires when they send weapons its cool no one can tell them.They always wins wars in movies but this war they will be wiped from the face of the earth by Russia , Cina and Iran maybe NK will also take the opportunity to burn hell and heaven for the yankees.The americans think all countries are idiots and they making alot on noise.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 19:08

      After the UN security council dishonesty over Libya, the Russians And Chinese have been alarmed and become wiser.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:10

      The same immature core belief. Keith has it too. There's nothing to discuss. Everything gets funneled, distorted by that one core belief.

  • africanwolf - 2012-07-11 17:47

    There is a big war coming in the middle east and this time nukes will be used , and many people will die. South Africa will look like heaven compared to the rest of the world. watch this space.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 17:59

      I disagree. As soon as the US and freer world wake up, take a stand for the people of Syria, the neo-Soviet Russian regime that is Ego-centric will likely back down. Why would it want to jeopardize its relationships with the wider world for the sake of one unelected dictator. The reflection is the leadership void in the US and freer world.

      keith.murphy.9638 - 2012-07-11 18:41

      I think this fred is another idiot backing zionist monsters!! Pls dont behave like a brainless idiot thats worst than snake Sir????wake up the time is turning

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:11

      An immature and racist comment, Keith.

  • jan.vanriebeeck.73 - 2012-07-11 18:33

    The rebels in Syria have been openly looting and defiling Christian Churches. They have told the Christians point blank that once they take over the country those left will be wiped out. Honestly, GO RUSSIA. Supply Assad with all the weapons he needs to keep the rebels at bay.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:12

      How tragic and ignorant these views are.

      jan.vanriebeeck.73 - 2012-07-11 22:02

      @fred.fraser.12 How can the truth be ignorant? The destruction of the Christian churches, attacks on Christians by rebels is a reality in not just Syria but Egypt, Libia as we'll. Tragic it most definitely is though.

  • rob.tubbs.39 - 2012-07-11 18:51

    Syria will soon be a 'barren wastelend' thanks to Russia and China... But who cares... From Boris Suckmeoff....

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-11 19:10

      You mean like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. How about Bosnia after 77 nights of non stop bombing by Nato?

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-11 19:30

      The same faulty belief distorting reality.

  • jans.opresser - 2012-07-11 21:20

    so fred,anyone who doesnt agree with your lies is ignorant? anyone who doesnt agree with your muslim propoganda is ignorant? simple question for you mate. who was the winner of that so called western democratic election in libya over the weekend? you dont know do you? guess what? neither dos anyone else! but I can assure this with 100% certainty.the winner will be a memeber of the radical extremist group the muslim brotherhood! how do I know this? because ALL of the names on the ballots are members of the muslim brotherhood.yet you continue your lies about "dictators" and "democracy" and the "vote" how democratic is libya if all of the terrorist on the ballots are members of the muslim brotherhood? you're either a fraud or a sunni muslim yourself.there is not a sane person on this planet who could support libya after what has happened there.the egyptians are going through the same thing with the muslim brotherhood there,and you want the same for syria?you have to be either a sunni or crazy,or BOTH!

  • abram.spamers - 2012-07-12 00:49

    Ok I have been very out of the loop with this conflict. This is what I see: america and its allies are 'helping' the citizens of Syria and Russia and China are helping the Government of Syria... I don't care who is right... helping both sides 'win the fight' is just going to drag it out and worsen the situation!

  • Diana - 2012-07-12 08:41

    Well you pro-western puppies first of all would you prefer to pay someone and wait for ages until the goods are delivered and second the whole syrian story stinks like a warehouse of rotten meat. If its a kind of liberation struggle than i am Jackie Chang: Israel which is hell scared of muslims living just about next door to them pushes US military agenda and american big buddies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar using Sunni-shia thing support rebels in order to bring down Assad who is shia himself. Blood of thousands of syrians is on their greedy hands and Russia has absolutely nothing to do with mass killings.. By the way lets imagine Assad is gone and what then? Is there anything else which unifies so-called protesters except for their goal to get rid of Assad? THey will stars fighting each other the same way they fought government before and even more blood is going to be shed.

  • Randomhero6661 - 2012-07-12 10:28

    get the new serj tankian album - you will see we are are all f@cked...

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