Saudi man beheaded for murder

2012-06-06 19:01

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia on Wednesday beheaded one of its citizens in the holy city of Medina after convicting him of murdering a fellow national, the interior ministry said.

Hussein al-Awfi was found guilty of shooting to death Nayef al-Sahimi after a "feud" between the two, the official SPA news agency quoted the ministry as saying.

His beheading brings to 30 the total number of executions in the ultra-conservative kingdom so far this year, according to an AFP tally based on official reports.

Under the AFP count, at least 76 people were beheaded in 2011 in Saudi Arabia, while rights group Amnesty International put the number of executions last year at 79.

The death penalty in Saudi Arabia applies to a wide range of offences including rape, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking, as well as murder, as stipulated by Islamic Sharia law.

  • devan.naidoo - 2012-06-06 19:08

    Surprisingly people still carry out these acts with this kind of punishment.

      Jean - 2012-06-06 20:27

      That's one thing but to do it in public where you can watch it and after the beheading you can go look at it up close... I mean that's just sick, probably explains why it is so easy to strap a bomb to yourself in this culture.

      ahmad.hanslot - 2012-06-06 20:44

      @jean.theres two reasons for eye for an eye so if u kill be killed 2.the reason why the execution is done in public is so that it can serve as a lesson to others...its actually very effective in detering others from doing da same.

      ahmad.hanslot - 2012-06-06 21:23

      @jean.i didnt say theres no other way for a lesson to be taught im asking u which is most effective...n if u hve lived there as you say then you must have experienced the safety,serenity n calm over there its a result of the strict laws

  • John - 2012-06-06 19:17

    May I please send my list of 30 top useless Government officials so long? Sharpen that blade.

  • fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 20:05

    Barbaric. Disgusting.

      ahmad.hanslot - 2012-06-06 20:20

      nothing barbaric in that...he got wat he deserves.maybe if our goverment implemented the same strict laws we wouldnt be the crime capital of the world!!!

      ahmad.hanslot - 2012-06-06 20:20

      nothing barbaric in that...he got wat he deserves.maybe if our goverment implemented the same strict laws we wouldnt be the crime capital of the world!!!

      Gerda Malherbe - 2012-06-06 20:28

      Good for Saudi, we should try it too

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 21:03

      The formula for all growth is recognize the error, acknowledge you did it, forgive yourself and make reparations, and choose to change. Every spiritual leader of any consequence has said this. Societal laws, and regrettably too often human norms, have not reached these high levels yet.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 21:04

      It is not recognize, acknowledge, punish and change. Punishment makes growth harder and slower.

      Jean - 2012-06-06 21:18

      @fred... Tell that to China who shot up to the second largest economy in the world and guess what you can get the death penalty if you kill a panda...

      ahmad.hanslot - 2012-06-06 21:18

      forgive yourself?? u can only forgive yourself if YOU are the victim of your own actions whereas here another life was taken what about forgivness from the family of the deceased...and wat consequence are you refering to pls enlighten us fraser.btw you are entitled to your own opinion bt it doesnt at all mean its da right one.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 23:10

      Not true. We need to forgive ourselves for all our mistakes. Every spiritual practice of any consequence talks about this. Having done this it then becomes easier to love ourselves and others. When our hearts are filled with self-recriminations and judgements, there's little chance we'll be able to give love, to ourselves and others.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 23:11

      Ahmed, there's hardly anything more barbaric than cutting someone's head off in public. Surely you can see that.

      rudiwaan.joseph - 2012-06-07 22:51

      fred your senseless babble is indicative of you ''islamophobia'' It its clearly visible in your rhetoric which seems to indicate ''west is best'' = onlly america and isreal has the ability to do things right! Well , the arab world dont need your approval in the way the rule their sovereign states and nor do the owe you an explanation for what they do!

      rudiwaan.joseph - 2012-06-07 23:25

      america has many dissillusioned citizens that goes around shooting innocent people for some stupid reason, now thats 'barbaric and disgusting! But you obviously dont think so! The beheading in sauid arabia was as punishment for a crime commited, this in order to maintain law and order! if the article read 'russian/chinese and even indian man beheaded....... ! you would have most likey kept quite in a sinister and malicious way!

  • zayd.manjoo - 2012-06-06 20:49

    If all countries adopt this practice the world will be a much more peaceful place. In Saudi Arabia one may roam freely at anytime without the fear of being mugged, raped or killed. This is made possible because the right laws are in place.

      Charles - 2012-06-07 07:41

      Just think, if they do this in Zafrika, the government will be downed by 50%.........eish!!

  • Jadé Pretorius - 2012-06-06 21:02

    This is needed in SA...

  • TheRealWitblitz - 2012-06-06 21:53

    Yep, we need a couple... more than a couple beheading here in SA.

  • zaakiro - 2012-06-06 22:05

    What i find very interesting is that "some" people appose the death penalty because & call's it disgusting because it's part of the Islamic Law. But when we find crime in South Africa we all ready to say why don't we introduce the death penalty. Islamic law, is an eye for an eye so therefore these punishments are carried out. Considering we live in one of the top ten most dangerous countries in terms of murder, rape, drug trafficking, child trafficking etc etc....The death penalty would with out a doubt be the right course of action. But people who read this article and see that "the muslims" are doing something right, feel obligated to dismiss it. 1 example, RAPE - If you really think about the mind set of such a person who as we read rapes a 1 year old, seriously raping such a defenseless human being, those are the people who are disgusting and sick not the law makers of Saudi Arabia.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-06 23:04

      Time to lose the chip on your shoulder?

      Jean - 2012-06-06 23:16

      Time to wake up and realize that forgiving ourselves isn't stopping innocent people from being killed. Tree hugger!

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-07 00:16

      In many, many cases it would. You're just not aware of it. I think you'll find out though.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-07 02:51

      The question is whether punishment is helpful or counter-productive. The question is not whether to stop those who are hurting others. The answer to this question is obvious.

      rudiwaan.joseph - 2012-06-07 22:13

      fred! You have to agree that you blame us all for being ''anti west'' and suupporting unelected leaders'' yadi yadi yaah ( on numerous previous post on arab/muslim issues) but you are the one that is guilty of islamophobia! You dont seem to sleep but sit and watch related trends so that you can add your six pence worth! You dont critisize US states that has the death penalty as a punishment but you would find fault with allthings arab/muslim! you have contradicted yourself on numerous topics and will more than likely do many more times! This topic dont need your mindless comments! Why dont you go and find something related to the US and israel to go and defend! Your dilusional phobia is causing you to spew out all sorts of worthless crap!

  • Neal Sing - 2012-06-06 22:52

    i agree Zaid.If only we could have the law here South Africa would be a safer place to live in

  • nikondaniel - 2012-06-07 14:29

    Behead fred.fraser.12 for stupidity, lol.

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