Saudi sisters accused of beheading brother

2011-11-23 18:53

Riyadh - Four Saudi sisters were arrested on suspicion of butchering their brother to death, stabbing him repeatedly then beheading him, a police statement said on Wednesday.

The statement said the gruesome murder took place on Tuesday evening in the victim's family home in Hafr al-Baten and that all four sisters had been arrested and were under investigation.

"The father [of the siblings] entered the house and found his 20-year-old son's body and his decapitated head," local police spokesperson Ziyad al-Ruqaiti said in the statement, adding that the sisters had run away from the crime scene but were later captured.

He said the initial investigation "ties the sisters... to the crime."

  • frangelico - 2011-11-23 19:51

    While some of Saudi Arabias laws could & should be implemented in South Africa,it has the worst human rights against woman in the world,I.E stoning to death of the woman who was raped & also one stoned for adultery,such harsh sentences are not visited upon the males on the male WHY.These sisters must have had a mighty good reason to even think of doing such a crime,there is more to this story than meets the eye.

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