Saudi women drivers 'will be promiscuous'

2011-12-03 22:40

Riyadh - A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi Arabia claims that allowing women in the kingdom to drive could encourage premarital sex, a rights activist said on Saturday.

The ultraconservative stance suggests increasing pressure on King Abdullah to retain the kingdom's male-only driving rules despite international criticism.

Rights activist Waleed Abu Alkhair said the document by a well-known academic was sent to the all-male Shura Council, which advises the monarchy.

The report by Kamal Subhi claims that allowing women to drive will threaten the country's traditions of virgin brides, he said.

Saudi women have staged several protests defying the driving ban. The king has already promised some reforms, including allowing women to vote in municipal elections in 2015.

There was no official criticism or commentary on the scholar's views, and it was unclear whether they were solicited by the Shura Council or submitted independently.

Few changes on women’s rights

But social media sites were flooded with speculation that Saudi's traditional-minded clerics and others will fight hard against social changes suggested by the 87-year-old Abdullah.

Saudi's ruling family, which oversees Islam's holiest sites, draws its legitimacy from the backing of the kingdom's religious establishment, which follows a strict brand of Islam known as Wahhabism.

While Abdullah has pushed for some changes on women's rights, he is cautious not to push too hard against the clerics.

In October, Saudi Arabia named a new heir to the throne, Prince Nayef, who is a former interior minister and considered to hold traditionalist views, although he had led crackdowns against suspected Islamic extremists.

His selection appeared to embolden the ultraconservative clerics to challenge any sweeping social reforms.

Prince Nayef was picked following the death of Crown Prince Sultan.

  • charmaine.rowlands - 2011-12-03 23:15

    WHAT??? does this only happen in the Middle East or can everyone take this drivers test LMAO

      Dirk - 2011-12-04 06:05

      Good Islamic logic. Driving a vehicle, makes them promiscuous? What does it do to a man? Recently, a woman driver in Saudi, was sentenced to 10 lashes with a whip, for driving a car.

      Des Burman - 2014-10-23 19:05

      So women driving in Saudi make them nymphomaniacs ??? Bloody Arab's

  • Nirvan - 2011-12-04 00:40

    Insecure men with small penises...

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-04 08:59

      Don't know about the small penises, but certainly very insecure men - men who live in fear of women. Weird nunus.

      robbie.cryer - 2011-12-04 17:34

      They do have small willies. I've seen them.

  • Vivian - 2011-12-04 04:42

    Yip and this is sooooooo typical Saudi Arabia. The driving here is horrendous and its the locals that drive like this, I feel that woman drivers could calm the men drivers down

  • Chris - 2011-12-04 05:19

    Religion shouldn't be controlling government. FULL Stop

  • Silvana - 2011-12-04 06:41

    Maybe it's the vibration of the engine that makes them promiscuous.

  • Silvana - 2011-12-04 06:43

    Wonder if women are allowed washing machines?

      gary.landman - 2013-01-08 20:00

      Yes of course, they are called women!

      gary.landman - 2013-01-08 20:00

      The washing machines that is..

  • Sharon - 2011-12-04 06:59

    How blind religion have made us. How many people have died, suffer under and in the name of religion.

      gary.landman - 2013-01-08 20:02

      Bhuddism is a religion.. how many have needlessly died under their watch? Careful of that broad paintbrush you carry..

  • braamc - 2011-12-04 07:50

    And what about the male drivers, especially taxi drivers feeling up men? Widespread!

  • Bob - 2011-12-04 07:51

    Plainly stupid beliefs..! Nirvan hit the nail on the head!

  • Kevin - 2011-12-04 07:52

    The only reason the World takes these idiots seriously is they have got oil and pay for Islamic extemism. Talk about dumb and stupid.

  • Hugh - 2011-12-04 08:21

    Just some thoughts - Anyone recall the jokes about the Domanee and swazi whores, well the same applies here. Islam is said to be a religion of peace but is one of submission. Islam is said to be a religion of democracy and equality but imposes bans and restrictions on women. Islam is suposed to be a religion of tolerance but ban the building of churches and christianity in areas under Islamic control. When islam talks of justice they do not mean western justice but justice according to Sharia law. That said the vast majority of SA muslims are peace loving but then that peace can be swayed because Islam is a way of life. Islam takes precidence above all.

  • jsibasa1 - 2011-12-04 09:44

    Stop oppresing women those women gave birth to us please men stop this exploitation.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2011-12-04 11:07

    at last the hidden secret has been revealed! we've learned the answer to our promiscuity. Now we can start working on it

  • Smell - 2011-12-04 11:18

    Hogwash. I always thought that men were the drivers of sexual promiscuity. That is in a figurative sense. And that is why virtually 100% of rapists are male.

  • Sara - 2011-12-04 12:32

    Making it illegal for women to leave their homes will also decrease promiscuity, but that does not justify doing it!

  • henkad - 2011-12-04 15:45

    Don't they learn from (recent) history -Egypt, Libya, Tunisia also now Syria - Saudi Arabia will definitely follow. Prince Nayef and his 'royal' cronies must be scared, very scared.

      Mike - 2011-12-04 17:13

      The people are kept subdued by a king's ransom every now and then. During the onset of Arab Spring the Saudi government spent billions on social upliftment, massive pay increases and general rewards and promised even more

  • Sharkshoot - 2011-12-04 18:36

    ...especially if they decide to drive around topless..

  • Preshen - 2011-12-05 09:26

    That is why Saudi Arabia have very little road accidents because women do not drive.

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