Sentence hiked for couple who starved baby

2012-06-15 13:04

Taipei - A Taiwan couple were sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison after their child starved to death while they played online games for hours every day, local media reported on Friday.

Wang Hui-huang, aged 23, and his wife Chu Miao-hsu, aged 22, were sentenced by the Taiwan High Court this week for causing the death of their 1-year-old daughter through negligence.

Investigators found that the couple were playing 5 to 6 hours of subscription-based online video games each day when their child was found dead in February 2011.

The baby weighed only 3.25kg at her time of death, less than half the average weight for her age, the Apple Daily reported.

The couple had claimed that they did not know how to take care of their baby, and were forced to switch to feeding her rice water because they could not afford the cost of formula.

Wang worked as a janitor for around $333 a month.

The High Court overturned a lower court ruling that gave the couple a lighter sentence of just over five years and four months due to their young age and financial situation.

But the High Court cited the couple's behaviour of paying to play video games as a clear example of negligence, and increased the sentence.

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    wait, they had money for games but couldn't afford to feed their kid? glad to see they could afford to feed themselves at least, I mean, if they died who would be there to play league of legends online??

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