Snakes, hunger stalk flood victims

2011-09-19 20:05

Badin - Pakistani flood victims are crowding hospitals and camping out near inundated fields as the government struggles to deliver relief supplies.

Floods have ravaged Sindh province since early last month, killing more than 220 people and damaging or destroying about 665 000 homes.

Ameer Zadi said she carried her younger sister, Begum, on her back through the waist-high waters after she was bitten by a snake.

Sindh saw similar scenes during last year's floods, which at their peak affected all four of the country's provinces.

While some districts have been flooded out twice, many of the hardest-hit towns and villages this time around were unaffected in 2010.

  • Foreigner - 2011-09-19 20:29

    "Bitten by a snake" - Underline "a": now suddenly it is snakes? Come ON editor, keep your phobia to yourself, I happen to personally know some splendid snakes!

  • LBS - 2011-09-20 17:47


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