Snow brings Heathrow to a standstill

2013-01-18 16:35

London - Heathrow Airport briefly shut a runway and cancelled dozens of flights because of a snowstorm causing widespread travel disruption across Britain.

The London airport's northern runway was closed for 45 minutes and re-opened on Friday after being de-iced and cleared of snow.

About 180 flights were cancelled by midday.

Rail traffic was disrupted and roads were forced to close amid plunging temperatures and icy conditions.

Forecasts of inclement weather forced hundreds of schools to shut down.

Weather forecasters predicted around 30cm of snow on Friday in some areas.

Forecasters say the worst of the snow was expected to the south and west of London, though most of the country would be affected.

  • jaco.prinsloo.370 - 2013-01-18 19:32

    I am jealous. Here in Africa, we are burning to death....I wish I could have stayed in that cold weather! I really cant stand this heat anymore!! Any Brits that would like to adopt a hard working South African??

  • matewis1 - 2013-01-19 08:11

    I still can't help laughing, but then again I do live in Stockholm. The British version of a "Snow emergency" wouldn't even ring any alarm bells here. The only time in the last 50 years Stockholm-Arlanda airport was closed was due to that volcano in Iceland, never for snow. Currently about -20°C here, at least you can go outside when it's hot...

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