South Korean goes on rampage

2012-08-19 08:57

Seoul - A man wielding a box-cutter stabbed or cut eight people at a subway station just outside of South Korea's capital after a teenager confronted him for spitting at him, police said on Sunday.

No one died in the 10 minute rampage on Saturday and the injuries weren't life-threatening, according to three police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorised to talk to the media. Police arrested a man running away from the station in Uijeongbu, which is home to US and South Korean military bases, the officers said.

Such attacks are rare in South Korea.

Police identified the suspect as a 39-year-old man surnamed Yoo.

Yoo began wielding a box cutter at an 18-year-old man surnamed Park inside the train when the victim confronted Yoo for spitting at him, police said. Infuriated when Park said he would call police, Yoo began brandishing the cutter on a train and then on a station platform until he was arrested, Uijeongbu Police Station said in a statement released on Sunday.

Yoo, who is unemployed and lives alone, was on his way to find work in Seoul on the subway, police said.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-08-19 09:11

    I think they should start box-cutter control in S Korea and knife control in China. Their gun control is working well now we should move to another level...I see Putin is working hard on mind control these days- I do hope he has the infrastucture to imprison all his pussy rioters around the country. As for me I'm doing everything I can to improve my bowel control since all the madness in the world is getting to me

  • Mark - 2012-08-19 09:51

    "Hey, Yoo stabbed me!"

  • mario.dippenaar - 2012-08-19 10:00

    10 minute long rampage? Wow, he must have very good micro and at least 300 apm. GG

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