Spanish king 'sorry' after hunting mishap

2012-04-18 16:01

Madrid - Spanish King Juan Carlos apologised on Wednesday as he emerged from hospital after breaking his hip on an African elephant hunting trip recently.

The trip, that took place in Botswana, provoked a scandal at home.

"I am very sorry. I made a mistake and it won't happen again. Thank you for your interest," the 74-year-old monarch said during his televised departure from a Madrid hospital.

Looking serious, the king said he was feeling "much better" after the hip replacement performed at the capital's USP San Jose Hospital and was looking forward to resuming his official duties.

Doctors discharged the head of state a few hours earlier, saying in a statement that after a "very satisfactory" recovery since Saturday's operation, Juan Carlos was now able to get around by himself.

The king, though widely respected for his role in steering the country to democracy after the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975, was harshly criticised for his Botswana hunting trip.


Many were angered by the extravagance of the holiday, coming at a time when millions of Spaniards are suffering in recession, and the fact that he was hunting big game.

Leaders of the two main political parties have refrained from explicitly criticising or defending the king.But newspapers were not so forgiving.

The conservative daily El Mundo branded the trip "irresponsible" and "inopportune" in an economic crisis.

"The sight of a monarch hunting elephants in Africa when the economic crisis in our country is causing so many problems for Spaniards does not set a good example," it said.

Many papers published a photograph dating to about 2005 of Juan Carlos posing with an elephant during a hunting trip.

Animal rights groups also protested outside the hospital during the king's convalescence, holding photographs of elephants and baby seals to denounce the trip.

The Spanish branch of the wildlife charity WWF, which names the king as its honorary president, said this week it would make comments to the royal palace and reiterate its commitment to the conservation of elephants.


A petition on the online forum Actuable listed 40 000 signatures urging the king to give up his presidency of the Spanish WWF.

Botswana authorities confirmed on Monday that Juan Carlos fell and broke his hip during an elephant hunting expedition in the north of the country but said he slipped in his chalet, not in the bush.

Juan Carlos has suffered a troublesome few months marked by an embarrassing corruption scandal implicating his son-in-law, the Duke of Palma, Inaki Urdangarin.

  • Mark - 2012-04-18 17:07

    How can you call that hunting. Driving on the back of a landrover, the spotter spots the elephant and the so-caled-hunter takes aim and shoots. Hunting should only be allowed for those who wish to track the animal on foot, in the wild, with no back-up vehicle following you around. While you are hunting your prey you'd also better make sure that a lion has not got you in his cross-hairs. Just aiming and pulling a trigger does not make you a "Big Game Hunter"

      kirk.bygate - 2012-04-18 17:35

      @Mark- you are misinformed regarding the hunting here in Botswana. Only elepahant are allowed to be shot and the law states that you are not allowed to be within 200m from the vehicle when the shot is taken. It has been rumoured that should elephant hunting be stopped in Northern Botswana, the government will need to start culling. The hunting quota is about 2000 a year, there is talk of culling 20 000.

      Albert - 2012-04-18 18:00

      Kirk, for interest sake, what is the correct number of elephants in the Chobe complex? Dr C. reckons that he did the only scientific count, but a professor friend of mine suggests that C counted tusks and divided it by two, so he missed the little ones. I just know that from 1987 when I visited the area for the first time untill app. eight months ago, I have seen beautiful miombo woodlands turning into an almost semi-desert. Do we have reason to be worried?

  • Bruce - 2012-04-18 18:12

    Don't care where and how he broke his hip. Serves him right!

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