Stalin statue 'beheaded' in Ukraine

2010-12-29 22:03

Zaporizhia - A controversial bust of Soviet dictator Stalin in southeast Ukraine has been badly damaged and apparently beheaded in an attack claimed by Ukrainian nationalists, officials said.

The unveiling of the statue in the southeastern city of Zaporizhia this May caused a heated controversy in Ukraine, still split between its nationalist west and the more Russified east which fondly remembers the Soviet past.

"Police received information that unknown miscreants had damaged the statue of Stalin by decapitating it," the local branch of the interior ministry said in a statement.

However mystery remained over the true state of the statue as the local Communist Party had draped it in a large white cloth to prevent the extent of the damage from being seen.

Local Communist Party deputy chief Olexander Zubchevsky insisted that the head was still in place and the statue was "just a little scratched and only two letters on the pedestal have broken".

"We don't want to expose the damaged monument and we will remove the veil once repairs are over," he said.

Nationalist group Tryzub (Trident) claimed the attack on its website, denouncing Stalin as "the executioner of the Ukrainian people and an international terrorist".

The group had won prominence in 2009 when its activists damaged a statue of Lenin in the centre of Kiev.

  • Ben Fowler - 2010-12-30 00:34

    There is no place for the legacy of this man other that history books, horror movies, teachings on corrupt political ideologies and lectures on how not to treat your fellow man.

  • Mundu - 2010-12-30 01:04

    He made Hitler look like a Sunday School teacher

      sergiy.solonenko - 2010-12-30 09:02

      ahahhahahaaa so true my friend.

  • laura.pacholkiw - 2010-12-30 10:00

    ????? ???????

  • laura.pacholkiw - 2010-12-30 10:01

    Tryzub is right: Stalin WAS the executioner of the Ukrainian people and his statue should not stand on the land that is filled with the blood of the millions of Ukrainians who died by his hand.

  • horst.o.muller - 2010-12-30 11:06

    Had to look up the word miscreants and found that the people responsible were not miscreants, we should rather call them heroes or freedom fighters. There should be no place anywhere in the world for a statue of Stalin, possible exception in museums, who I consider to be the most evil person to ever have walked on this earth.

      emptyzz32 - 2011-06-19 20:27

      Not the most evil, the most capable.

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