Swedish man held for planning to kill child

2012-03-02 22:15

Stockholm - Swedish police have arrested a man who revealed on the internet that he was planning to kill a child at a nursery school in a bid to be locked up in a psychiatric ward, media reported on Friday.

Police in Lund, in the very south of Sweden, arrested the 23-year-old man, whose name was not given, early on Thursday after he discussed his plan on an Internet discussion forum, the local Sydsvenskan daily reported.

"In interrogation, the man has said he was planning to kill a child so he could be committed. He says he had been out looking for an appropriate nursery school, but has not said which one exactly" he had selected, Lund police commissioner Stephan Soederholm told the paper.

The man had just purchased two knives that he was planning to use, and was also carrying a syringe filled with nicotine, which he was planning to use to kill himself if his murder plot failed, the paper reported.

He had discussed his plan on the large Swedish discussion forum Flashback, and another user had alerted police.

His comments were still visible on Friday.

"I seriously think that I, within a two-week period, will kill a child in a nursery school that I have walked past," the man, calling himself VNBS, wrote on Wednesday, adding that his goal was to be locked up in a psychiatric ward or prison.

After a number of other forum participants suggested he should kill himself instead of targeting an innocent child, he wrote later the same day: "I will commit the murder. There is no longer any doubt about it. ... Children die all the time."

Local police could not immediately be reached for comment.