Syria - 1 300 rebel truce violations

2012-04-26 22:12

Damascus - Syria on Thursday accused "armed terrorist groups," which it blames for the unrest sweeping the country, of committing more than 1 300 violations of a truce that came into force on 12 April.

"Armed terrorist groups have intensified [the number of] massacres, explosions and acts of aggression, committing more than 1 300 violations since the ceasefire came into force on 12 April," Adnan Mahmoud told AFP.

He said Damascus had told international envoy Kofi Annan of the violations and said it expected that "he deploy real efforts, the results of which we will see on the ground, towards the armed terrorist groups and those countries and parties that support them."

A cessation of violence in Syria, where some 15 UN monitors have been deployed since April 15, "needs independent and transparent surveillance of the violence perpetrated by armed terrorist groups", Mahmoud said, "if aggression against citizens and the forces of order is to stop".

"The terrorists [on Thursday] killed four members of one family in Damascus province, and wiped out entire families at Hama" in the centre of the country on Wednesday, he said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said around 40 civilians have been killed in bombing by government troops in the Hama area since Monday.

Activists on the ground put the death toll as high as 68, including 16 children.

Since mid-March 2011, the country has been in the grip of a deadly revolt against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The Observatory puts the death toll at more than 11 100, while the UN says more than 9 000 have died.

Mahmoud also accused Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia of "allying themselves with the terrorism that is hitting Syria".

"By financing and arming [the rebels], these countries associate themselves with the crimes targeting Syrian civilians and are responsible for them," he said.

Mahmoud also said his ministry had "issued visas to some 98 Arab and foreign media organisations since 25 March" this year.

Allowing journalists to work and move freely throughout the country is part of Annan's six-point plan to resolve the Syrian crisis.

On 21 April, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that allows the dispatch of 300 unarmed observers to Syria to monitor the shaky ceasefire and implementation of the Annan plan.

  • Fred - 2012-04-26 23:39

    This is why this sort of peace-deal doesn't work. One of the parties is the obvious aggressor (Assad), doesn't do it's part of the deal (Assad - didn't pull back the Syrian forces, kept up his killing and bombing), then blames the other side (the Syrian people who want to vote) when it responds to those acts of aggression. Bottom line is that Assad is trying to do what Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi didn't or weren't able to do: hold onto power by crushing all opposition to his rule, even if it is unelected rule. This is what happens when the world doesn't get involved. Haven't we learnt from Ruwanda? Russia clearly hasn't. It wasn't part of the international community at the time and is choosing autocracy (what it kniws best) and profit from sale of arms over human rights. Nor was China. It too knows autocracy best, and prefers to be irresponsible, not respond by getting involved. Who pays the biggest price: the Syrian people and their families who want basic human rights.

      Dylan Dario Sciarappa - 2012-04-28 00:58

      Shut up Fred. You seriously Havnt got a clue.

      Fred - 2012-04-28 02:28

      You do, believing the US attacked itself on 9/11?

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-26 23:51

    Hosni Mubarak When one looks at the Arab Spring, one surely must give some credit to that tyrant, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. He did not go as low, as to call his "own" people ,Rebels, Rats, and Terrorists. He did not come with all conspriracies, of foreign troops and foreign interference, like a mirage ! He was man enough. to acknowledged that he had an oppostion. He did send his police , troops and tanks to fight them. But he did not become a monster, and send rockets in apartment blocks, nor put hundreds of snipers on roof tops, to mow down , anything that moved. And when he saw, the game was up, for a spit second, he became a gentleman, and did the only correct thing and resigned. Over fourty years this dictator imprisoned and tortured opposition members, but towards the end, there was a stray of decency !!!

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-26 23:52

    "Mahmoud also said his ministry had "issued visas to some 98 Arab and foreign media organisations since 25 March" this year" Yes, like The East Rand Cronicle, News Letter, and Barby News, amongst them !!!

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