Syria: Diplomatic timeline

2012-02-24 12:19

Tunis - The main diplomatic moves made to date to end the conflict in Syria, which is believed to have left about 7 600 people dead in just under a year:

- August 27: The Arab League, of which Syria is a member, holds an extraordinary summit on ending the violence.

Meanwhile attempts by Western powers to obtain a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Syria have been stymied by Russia and China, which hold the right of veto on the Council.

- November 2: The Arab League says it has the agreement of President Bashar Assad on a plan that would involve an end to the violence and a pullback of belligerent forces, leading to a "conference of national dialogue".

Ten days later, however, the League votes to suspend Syria from its proceedings due to the continuing repression. It later also calls on its members to enact sanctions against the regime.

- December 19: After tough negotiations, Syria agrees to receive a delegation of Arab League monitors.

- January 14: The emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, says he is in favour of sending Arab troops to Syria to "stop the killing". However the proposal is not followed by other Arab states.

- January 22: The Arab League agrees to a new plan under which Assad would hand over power to his deputy pending elections and an agreement on a new constitution.

- February 15: French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe floats a plan for the creation of "humanitarian corridors" in Syria, to help evacuate civilians and the wounded.

- February 16: The UN General Assembly adopts by a large majority a resolution denouncing the repression in Syria, but China and Russia continue to oppose any action in the Security Council.

- February 21: The International Committee of the Red Cross calls for a humanitarian truce of two hours a day in the fighting.

- February 24: A group of mainly Western and Arab countries holds an international conference in the Tunisian capital. China and Russia have refused to attend.

  • Michael - 2012-02-24 13:55

    Unfortunately the writer doesn't understand the word "diplomatic". The majority of the above events were unfortunately totally lacking in diplomacy and real engagement, or were unilateral decisions taken with the agreement and participation of one side only. The failure of these approaches is self evident. Lets remain hopeful that Kofi Annan will make more progress as he might still be seen as a neutral broker.

      Anthony - 2012-02-24 15:34

      And unfortunately you don't understand, that the opposition is saying to the Syrian dictatorship; " enough is enough " After 41 years of trying to negotiate and now over 7000 Syrians murdered by this violent regime, they only have ONE demand left' FOR THIS assad DYNASTY TO GET THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA, AND IF THEY WON'T GO VOLUNTARILY, THEY WILL DO SO WITH FORCE End of story !!!!!!!!!!

      Fred - 2012-02-24 18:40

      You're talking more nonsense Michael, and continue to be emotionally disconnected from the horrific, barbaric acts of the Assad regime against the Syrian people. Diplomacy was ongoing from all quarters right from the get-go in March last year. The above timeline is abridged and incomplete. News24 you should do a better job at this. You're misleading readers. After 48 years of violent, dictatorial, nepotistic rule, where Syria was believed to be the personal fiefdom of the Assad family, the vast majority of Syrians wanted only one thing: Assad to step down. As South Africans we know about 48 years of oppressive rule. And we know about the true nature of regimes who carry this out. You have a nerve coming onto this South African website trying to sell that the oppressive Assad regime has been victimized by the international community. The Information Age allows anybody to examine the diplomacy timeline. Anybody with a clear mind, unpoluted by personal, dishonest pseudo-victim beliefs can see Assad was engaged from the get-go and encouraged to bring immediate changes. He was warned again and again of the likely outcome. He saw the outcome in Tunisia and Egypt, and he participated in the Gaddafi outcome, sending groups and arms to assist the brutal, psychotic dictator Gaddafi. You're an apologist for oppressors and a hypocrite, the latter because I assume you vociferously demanded that the Apartheid regime immediately step down after 48 years of oppressive rule.

      Fred - 2012-02-24 18:42

      And I assume, would hope you demanded the international community to intervene against the brutal Apartheid regime..

      Michael - 2012-02-24 19:30

      Dear freddie and anthony ,another load of mouth foaming personalised vitriol. You really try hard to distort what I am saying . Your comments always go off point as well. Maybe you don't or can't read properly . And Freddie, I am misleading readers when News24 does a bad job! Fact is the failure of the above list of strategies up to now is self evident, otherwise there wouldn't be a problem now would there darlings. And I am glad you mentioned the apartheid regime. I like all true South Africans am truly shamed by that chapter in our history. Thank God we had leaders of the stature of Mandela who swung this situation to negotiation (which is what diplomacy is about fellows), thus avoiding a far worse bloodbath in this country. Anybody who proposes a different path or different suggestions to resolve the Syrian problem,anyone calling for true statesmanship is the enemy to the pair of you. Week by week we will now see the stakes ratcheting up, more and more death, and no end in sight,and sadly we are a long way from "END of Story Anthony". The only victims freddie are the Syrian people who are victims of the mindless ego driven approaches of the western leaders who are the ones having no feelings about suffering.

      Fred - 2012-02-24 20:27

      Beautiful. Thank you. A crystal clear example of your pseudo-victimhood and heartless, emotionless detachment. 1. I said News24 was doing a bad. Your pseudo- victim lense distorted that to mean I said you were doing a bad job, and your Ego riled up defensively against an imagined attack. 2. The failure of the above list of strategies (bureaucratically expressed, by the way), in your detached pseudo victim-world has nothing to do with the horrendous violence by Bashar Assad that is causing the deaths and maimings of Syrians daily in his attempt to hold onto power after 48 years of dictatorial, unelected rule, but everything to do with the failed diplomatic efforts of the rest of the world. More than this, in your world it's the so-called West's fault that Syrians are being killed by Assad. There's really no need to say more. To everyone with a clear, unpoluted mind, this part of your thinking is so wrong, so emotionless, so cruel and VERY stupid (no offense). And unfortunately it's the main part of your thinking, your focus.

      Michael - 2012-02-24 20:52

      Freddie Freddie the psycho-babble from you is wonderful. Keep up with the personalized analysis and attacks and avoid the subject. You are a 100% waste of time as no words can possibly reach past the cornea. At least Anthony is now honest enough to declare his real position which is IF THEY WON'T GO VOLUNTARILY,THEY WILL DO SO WITH FORCE. So I take that the pair of you have only one way which is arm the rebels and have a full on war! I look forward to reading your various rantings and laments over the months ahead!! And good luck with your work of shaping SA public opinion but you really need better and more plausible arguments.

      Fred - 2012-02-25 00:22

      Nice (attempted) distraction. The beauty and power of the Information Age is your thought are there for all to see. They cannot be obfuscated. Even the obfuscation is there for all to see, the lies too, fixed on this page. :) My first and highest desire is for Assad to step down and hand over power to an interim authority, with monitored free and fair elections soon afterwards, and the writing of a new Syrian constitution based on fundamental human rights, which is what the Arab League has put forward, which Assad has turned down with brutal intent. This is a physical universe of free will, time and space. Assad is exercising his free will. No amount of blaming or distracting can obfuscate this fact.

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