Syria: Homs targeted again

2012-03-30 14:02

Beirut - Syrian artillery targeted parts of the city of Homs on Friday and at least five people were killed in clashes around the country, opposition activists said.

Homs residents heard the crash of artillery and the thump of mortar rounds in anti-Assad areas of Syria's third city as troops conducted raids.

Two people were killed by government snipers in Homs and the northern city of Idlib, and two others were shot dead as they drove in the country, the activists said.

Soldiers and rebels also clashed in Idlib province with many wounded reported, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Troops and rebels fought overnight in the northern towns of Harasta and Arbin. Rebels fired rocket propelled grenades at a building, killing one soldier, activists said.

The United Nations says Assad's forces have killed at least 9 000 people in the year-long uprising. The government says about 3 000 soldiers and members of the security forces have been killed by opposition fighters.

  • Africa21stcentury - 2012-03-31 10:21

    Yesterday, Friday, was one of the "better" days for this MASS MURDERER, there were up to 50 Syrians killed !! This assad, will not let go, of what was given to him, by his daddy; A COUNTRY CALLED SYRIA !!!!!!

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