Syria - US, France arming 'terrorists'

2012-10-01 22:23

New York - Syria accused the United States, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey on Monday of hijacking the country's 18-month conflict between government forces and pro-democracy rebel groups by supporting "terrorism" with arms, money and foreign fighters.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem told the UN General Assembly that outside calls for President Bashar Assad to step down were a "blatant interference in the domestic affairs of Syria, and the unity of its people and its sovereignty".

Earlier on Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Moualem and strongly criticized the Syrian government for killings, rights abuses, aerial and artillery attacks, and expressed frustration that the conflict was worsening.

Speaking on the final day of the annual gathering of the 193-nation assembly, Moualem said that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, and France "clearly induce and support terrorism in Syria with money, weapons and foreign fighters".

"Under the pretext of concepts such as the 'Responsibility to Protect,' drums of war are beaten, and sedition and unrest are spreading and damaging the structure of national societies," Moualem said.

He was referring to a concept about governments' responsibility to protect civilians that has become increasingly popular in Western diplomatic and academic circles. The concept was used to justify last year's military intervention in Libya.

"Worst of all is to see permanent members of the Security Council, who launched wars under the pretext of combating terrorism, now support terrorism in my country," Moualem said.

Russia, backed by China, repeatedly vetoed Western- and Arab-backed council resolutions that criticized the Syrian government and threatened it with sanctions, saying the United States, Europe and Gulf Arabs were seeking regime change.

Ban "raised in the strongest terms the continued killings, massive destruction, human rights abuses, and aerial and artillery attacks committed by the government," his spokesperson said in a statement.

"He stressed that it was the Syrian people who were being killed every day, and appealed to the Government of Syria to show compassion to its own people," the spokesperson said.

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-10-02 07:37

    Nato should stay as far away from non EU countries as possible. It only leaves death and destruction. In Libya Nato destroyed most of the infrastructure with more than 10 000 air sorties, against a country which did not attack any country. R2P means nothing but “responsibility to protect the empire".

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-10-02 08:00

      Of course their kitten class aircraft shoot marshmellow bombs should have been used, Libyians would be very vocal about their anti-Nato stance now should their be that sentiiment, which hasn't materialised.

      shane.loxton - 2012-10-02 09:08

      Read my answer to Richard, Ninja

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-10-02 10:07

      A 1950's cold war era abandoned plan isn't any kind of conclusive evidence for whats happening now . I'm sure it was one of numerous plans from various scenario evaluations ,of course the resulting coups and 42 years of emergency law under a hereditory dicatorship was a glaring success of soviet communist backed ba'thist rule.

      Jaba - 2012-10-02 11:04

      "NATO - It only leaves death and destruction." according to fidel the 28000 humans beings already dead in Syria are not worth much... let them die she squeals as her anti-western views blind her to the reality that she is in fact supporting the murder of Syrian civilians.

  • richard.bosmano - 2012-10-02 08:03

    This is an accusation. Same as there's an accusation that china,Russia and iran are arming the blood thirsty regime.iran is rumoured to have troops and advisors on the ground in syria. iran will hold on to syria as long as possible,knowing their regime is next in line for an internal revolution.iranians are sick of their corrupt religious dictatorship

      shane.loxton - 2012-10-02 09:05

      For those still skeptical about the West, Israel, and the Gulf State’s willingness to subvert and destroy nations throughout the Middle East solely for self-serving purposes, using any guise or lie necessary to accomplish their goals – readers are encouraged to revisit this 2003 Guardian article titled, “Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot,” ( ) where a fully detailed agenda of destabilizing and pitting nations against each other was fully formulated. In fact, many of the dynamics at play then, in 1956, can still be seen at work and being openly manipulated by Western powers today.

  • cyanideandhappiness - 2012-10-02 09:35

    That's exactly what they are doing. They are pushing for a regime change in Syria, part of Israels plan the finally strangle Iran. The western governments are all a bunch of hypocrites and are no better than they claim the Syrian government to be...

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-10-02 10:33

      The onslaught by the US, Britain and France to impose regime change in Syria –for that is what this so called intervention will be about – has little to do with saving lives and less with supporting democracy in the Arab world. It is about controlling, not sustaining, the drive for change in the Middle East, by bringing the whole process under western domination. The western alliance is nothing but global tyrants with totalitarian tendencies. They will never leave anyone alone until they control all aspects of their lives. It's not in their nature to leave people alone and mind their own business, and remember if your not doing it the their way, you are doing it wrong.

      customdesign - 2012-10-02 11:10

      If I were the US President I would have bombed Assad long ago- if they took him out it in the beginning a lot of innocent lives would have been saved.

      Larry - 2012-10-02 12:10

      Infidel, your fabrications are nothing but thinly disguised hatred dressed up as pet theories.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-10-02 14:30

      Larry, putting a prefix infront of someone's name is not a sign of great wit, but that of a half wit!

      Larry - 2012-10-02 16:21

      Well, to the Islamists, you are an infidel - so if the shoe fits... To me you are a waste of of a superior intellect - an intellect going down the path of self-riun. Good luck with your problem.

  • Jaba - 2012-10-02 11:00

    Civilized world – Iran, Russia arming 'Assad the terrorist' Assad is butchering his people.

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