Syria says rebels attack gas pipeline

2013-01-01 07:15

Beirut - Syria's state news agency says a "terrorist group" has blown up a natural gas pipeline in the country's oil-rich east.

Syria's government refers to rebels seeking to topple President Bashar Assad as terrorists.

The news agency said the blast Monday some 30km north of Deir el-Zour caused the loss of around 1.5 million cubic metres of gas.

It quoted an Oil Ministry official as saying the station fed electricity plants and a fertilizer factory and that engineers were repairing the leak.

Rebels have repeatedly targeted Syria's oil infrastructure in an effort to sap government finances. Last week, they reported seizing the al-Tanak oil field, also in east Syria.

Anti-regime activists say more than 45 000 people have been killed since the uprising against Assad began in March 2011.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2013-01-01 12:41

    . ALL this carnage can stop, WITHIN HOURS, just ONE person has to get the hell out of Syria!!

  • diana.gill.18 - 2013-01-01 17:53

    Why a terrorist group is put in reversed commas?

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2013-01-01 18:36

    . It drives the lunatics of the violent left, TOTALLY CRAZY, that the West does not want to get involved in Syria, so they rather fantasize all kinds of BS !!!

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