Tap Gaddafi funds for terror victims

2011-09-29 22:35

Washington - Two US senators urged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday to use some of Muammar Gaddafi's frozen assets to compensate American victims of terrorist attacks he sponsored during his four-decade rule of Libya.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Senator Johnny Isakson said in a letter to Clinton that Libyan money in an existing special fund to compensate the victims would run short.

"We are sure you will agree that the ill-gotten gains of the Gaddafi regime should be used to ensure that American victims of Libyan terrorism, who have waited decades for justice, receive full restitution," they wrote.

The lawmakers pointed to some $32bn in Libyan assets frozen earlier this year as Washington ramped up its support for rebels against Gaddafi's rule.

"A small portion of these frozen assets should be set aside to cover any potential shortfall in the compensation fund for American victims of Libyan state sponsored terrorism," they said.

Schumer and Isakson cited the 1988 Lockberbie bombing, in which 189 Americans were killed, the Lod Airport bombing of 1972, in which eight Americans dead, and the Rome airport attack of 1985, which left 4 Americans dead.

The senators urged Clinton to notify them if she believed the US state department lacked the legal authority to tap the frozen funds and suggested the congress could seek to remedy any such problem with new legislation.

  • tee-hee-hee - 2011-09-29 23:00

    Nobody knows what happend at Lockberbie...... Notice that UNSC resolution 1973 does not protect civilians who are victims of NATO rebels

      slg - 2011-09-30 06:37

      No it doesn't, nor should it. The UN intervened in Libya at the request of the Arab League, to protect civilians from Gadhafi's plainly stated intention followed up with action to kill anyone who wanted nothing more than the right to vote. Those Rebels who contravene the Geneva Convention open themselves to prosecution under international laws governing right action in times of war. Two entirely different scenarios.

      pitchblack - 2011-09-30 07:32

      @tee-hee-hee...even though the US was found to have payed the people $4million to be 'witnesses' against Gadaffi in the Lockberbie bombing. @slg...almost 1.7 miliion people assembled in Green Square to show defiance against NATO bombings...this is 95% population of Tripoli. Libya used Direct Democracy based on committees...NOT the fraudulent method used in US and EU where you can buy influence votes based on propaganda...and who has the most money. The problem with you 'slg' is that you know NOTHING about Libya of Muammar Gadaffi...your comments are totaly based on the CCN, BBC or SABC news cast.

      aman - 2011-09-30 08:12

      Direct democracy based on committees? What the hell is that about? So what you're implying is that all "Democratic Elections" are a farce? About the $4million, where does that info come from? Please enlighten me.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:30

      Yes aman, they are a mirage. Do you think that the Brits and Americans have any choices between Rep/Dem or Tory/Lab. You are really naive and sorry to say stupid.

      aman - 2011-09-30 08:42

      Quite frankly I keep an open mind. You on the other hand seem to see things through one lens only.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:43

      @aman It appears that you haven't been doing any reading. Western governments needed to solve a crime and he was a good PR solution, correct nationality, correct religion. There is, and always has been, compelling evidence that al-Megrahi was an innocent scapegoat in this case. With the public and media baying for justice after the bombing the US and UK governemnts felt immense pressure to deliver. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi never wavered in his denial of causing the Lockerbie disaster: now Scottish legal experts say they believe him Dr Hans Köchler, one of the UN observers at the trial, expressed serious doubts about the fairness of the proceedings and spoke of a "spectacular miscarriage of justice" His lawyers claim that vital documents, which emanate from the CIA and relate to the Mebo timer that allegedly detonated the Lockerbie bomb, were withheld from the trial defence team. Tony Gauci, chief prosecution witness at the trial, is alleged to have been paid $2 million for testifying against Megrahi. Mebo's owner, Edwin Bollier, has claimed that in 1991 the FBI offered him $4 million to testify that the timer fragment found near the scene of the crash was part of a Mebo MST-13 timer supplied to Libya.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:45

      Former employee of Mebo, Ulrich Lumpert, swore an affidavit in July 2007 that he had stolen a prototype MST-13 timer in 1989, and had handed it over to "a person officially investigating the Lockerbie case" On November 1, 2007 Megrahi invited Robert Black to visit him at Her Majesty's Prison, Greenock. After a 2-hour meeting, Black stated "that not only was there a wrongful conviction, but the victim of it was an innocent man. Lawyers, and I hope others, will appreciate this distinction" READ READ READ READ and more READING so that you don't appear like a fool.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:57

      @aman Re-Democracy The West's political doctrines are inevitably bound up with the notion of supposedly inalienable human rights, as if these were somehow discovered inside the human body at about the same time as the circulation of blood. But they can't even agree among themselves as to what those eternal rights are. It's entirely possible that new political structures will arise which are not only more coherent than your own but which even you would accept provide adequate levels of freedom for the individual. The fact that you can't even imagine how anyone could do that without blindly following your lead shows precisely why Westerners should keep their hands off other people's revolutions. But how do you bring down an entrenched totalitarian system that hides behind the iron curtain of democracy, in a country where the majority is stupid enough to be herded by TV and rubbish like Fox news? You don't. Modern democracies are indestructible systems of vampirism as long as the population is kept simple-minded enough (such as you), such as through the purposeful "discrediting" or trivialisation of intelligence as a concept and partly through the demonisation of eugenics of all sorts (even something utterly harmless and clearly beneficial as embryo selection isn't used to increase intelligence). "World on Fire" by Amy Chua is a really good book.....with disturbing implications for the possibility of democracy (tribal countries) in many countries. Read my man, read!!!!

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 09:07

      @aman US 'paid Lockerbie witness $2m'

      aman - 2011-09-30 09:13

      Interesting. Thanks.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 09:19

      On the 28th of July DSTV showed a programme on the History Channel, Conspiracy Files relating to Lockerbie, if you have subscription and are lazy to read, perhaps you could request Multi-Choice for this programme for a small fee.

      Anton - 2011-09-30 09:59

      Pitchblack, No, it was not 1.7 million, it was 3.2 million!!!!!!!

      Anton - 2011-09-30 12:46

      Libertador You should pay those who read your posts. I have read some weird comments on this site, but these are pretty insane

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 14:24

      Isnt it about time you taxed your brain and cut your contribution to this blog. You are the most uninformed ranter on these pages who offers nothing other than ignorant hot air. For once try doing some serious RESEARCH before you open that gaping gob of yours. You don't contribute. You just bitch and moan.

      aman - 2011-09-30 16:16

      OK, it makes some interesting reading. I still don't think Gaddafi is an angel but some serious questions being asked here. I recommend the reading.

      Anton - 2011-09-30 17:24

      Libetador "Modern democracies are indestructible systems of vampirism as long as the population is kept simple-minded enough (such as you), such as through the purposeful "discrediting" or trivialisation of intelligence as a concept and partly through the demonisation of eugenics of all sorts (even something utterly harmless and clearly beneficial as embryo selection isn't used to increase intelligence)" If I was to post such utter bullsh.t on a site, I hope my family would be brave enough to have me admitted. Most of your comments are just some pseudo intellectial CRAP, but this above, is PRETTY INSANE But if it makes you happy to "educate" the "dumb, ignorant, masses, than go for it. I am sure it will make you go to sleep at nite, with a big smile on your face!!!!

  • letsee - 2011-09-30 07:26

    Republicans started by opposing Obama intervention in Lybia, then went into silence and now are "aggressive against Gaddafi. It was all a dirty game to protect themselves should things gone wrong.

  • Libertador - 2011-09-30 07:53

    The looting continues. Those funds belong to Libya being held and registered under the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA). They are, were never Gaddafi funds in the first place. These people have no shame. The Libyan government paid $2billion @ $10mil each for the victims of Lockerbie in order to have sanctions against that country lifted. One family refused payment as they recognised through the trial of Megrahi that he or Libya had nothing to do with the bombing. It just happens to be open season for the west as far as Libya is concerned. This is nothing but daylight robbery.

      aman - 2011-09-30 08:04

      Then I guess you won't have a problem if Gaddafi funds are put straight back into Libya.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:48

      They are not Gaddafi funds, can't you comprehend.

      aman - 2011-09-30 08:52

      So you won't be upset when he gets nothing out of it?

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 11:57

      Stupid questions have no answers.

      aman - 2011-09-30 12:42

      Whatever you say. Where your sympathy lies is not with the Libyans themselves but with your great hero. I think the question is very stupid that's why I asked it - I already know the answer.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 14:16

      You know nothing about me except what you have assumed from my comments, so shoulnd't really make judgements based on your own prejudice.

      Anton - 2011-09-30 17:41

      Libetador, "Libyan Investment Authority" This was in TOTAL control of the gaddafies. Surely you did not think your hero was THAT stupid, to put all their stolen loot, into their own name bank accounts. In February, 'just in case" the gaddafies transferred BILLIONS of US, from this L.I.A. , to other accounts all over the world. But you just carry on , living in your little anti Western world. And putting a portray of Che Guevara next to your name, is an INSULT to millions of his follwers all over the world. On seeing this, El Che would be pretty disgusted and would turn around in his grave!! Whatever ones thougts about him, he was not a bullsh.tter.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 22:14

      And which banks are those. It was mentioned in the past that Fidel Castro was also a multi-billionaire after which Castro said that anyone holding his billions id free to disclose them to the people of Cuba, and none was forthcoming. If America told you today that you were a woman, you would surely believe them, wont you?

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 22:19

      Che dedicated his life to fighting western capitalism and hegemony. If he were alive today he would have been fighting along side Gaddafi and his revolutionaries and not the hired western contras that killed him. You know his history, stop the pretense.

      Anton - 2011-10-01 00:35

      Libertador, That you say that Fidel Castro has EVER been accused, by ANYONE, off corruption or of looting the state coffers, is not only a LIE, but an INSULT to every Cuban. HOW DARE YOU?? How low will you go to defend your SCUM hero gaddafi. Every Cuban will dispice you ,for making such a SICK comment!!!

      Anton - 2011-10-01 00:41

      Libertador, And like many, wearing a hero's tshirt, you have to understand its meaning. But you could not be bothered, you make up your own story!!!!

      Anton - 2011-10-01 06:41

      Libertador, One can start to see why you admire this gaddafi; You enjoy theater; your name...having Che Guevara's portray next to it. like gaddafi, its just a load of crap, to confuse!!!!!!

  • Boerseun - 2011-09-30 08:19

    That money should rather be sopent to compensate all victims of his crimes. If only USA citizens get it, I think it is nothing more than theft.

      Libertador - 2011-09-30 08:32

      It is theft indeed and there is nothing you can do about it, geddit.

  • leslie.antonmarchi - 2011-11-06 19:45

    I have read several article about the frozen assets of Libya, but no respond to the terrorist victims who expect to be paid in full as the American government promise,but is offering much less than they promise. The government is not doing anything to legislate in favor of the families. We know the government has the power to dispose of part of the assets as they did in a situation with the Cuban government.I hope the senators continue asking Hillary Clinton to pay the claimer the amount promised.

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