Teen kept as sex slave

2012-08-26 09:02

Washington Park - Authorities have charged a 25-year-old man with aggravated criminal sexual abuse in connection with a St Louis teenager who said she was held captive in his southwestern Illinois home for three years.

State's Attorney Brendan Kelly said on Saturday that Steven Elliot Johnson had sex with the then-underage teenager.

Johnson's mother, Owida Johnson, 54, has been charged with two counts of child endangerment. Both are in St Clair County Jail. Steven Johnson is being held on $2 million bond.

No court date has been set. Kelly said no attorneys have been appointed.

Steven Johnson also faces a felony charge of promotion of prostitution. Kelly would not say if that was related to the teenager. Johnson also faces two felony drug charges and a felony gun charge.

  • rick.kabose - 2012-08-27 08:58

    Johnson - typically african american name.No suprises here

  • Hemlock - 2012-08-31 13:57

    At least the Americans get it right. No pisswilly bail which means that most offenders sit in chookie instead of roaming the streets looking for their next victim! SA Justice, please take note!!!!!

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