Thein Sein calls for corruption fight

2012-12-26 13:35

Yangon - Myanmar's president has voiced public criticism of his government, saying that rampant corruption and bribery are getting in the way of the country's much-touted reform process.

In another sign of the changes sweeping Myanmar, President Thein Sein on Wednesday reprimanded a gathering of Cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats in a speech broadcast on nationwide television and radio.

It marked a sharp contrast to secretive leadership of the former military regime which did not admit its own failings.

Thein Sein told the gathering that "good governance is still very weak in Myanmar" compared to international norms. He added "bribery and corruption must be effectively prevented in order to implement good governance".

The 67-year-old ex-general has won international praise for spearheading a wave of democratic reforms after a half-century of military rule.

  • yar.wellnofine - 2012-12-26 14:26

    Send Bheki Cele and Jackie Selebi to help with the fight against corruption, they both have the appropriate experience. Both are currently available. Jackie is feeling much better after his miraculous recovery!

  • samuel.ngenga - 2012-12-26 15:15

    Is this honestly a top story? Then again, you put stories about blind dogs going for a walk under top stories, lol.

      yar.wellnofine - 2012-12-26 19:38

      @ Sam Slow day in the news room Merry Xmas

  • djmain1 - 2012-12-26 20:51

    No wonder the cANCer government has such close relations with them.

  • mart.botha - 2012-12-27 08:31

    I say.... this will NEVER happen in SA. There is not one ANC leader in this country that has the balls to stand up and condemn corruption, read the riot act to those who require it, and or take firm and decisive action against those who transgress.......and mean it and follow through. NOT ONE ! (all we hear is lip service being paid to the real problems........the 'if you are in a meeting, you're working' mentallity that pervades the ruling party is exactly why they are static and achieve very little.

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