Tombs defaced in Israel

2011-10-08 22:45

Tel Aviv - Vandals defaced graves in two cemeteries, one Muslim and the other Christian, with anti-Arab graffiti in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, Israeli police said on Saturday.

The vandals wrote "Death to Arabs" and "Price Tag" on 22 graves in the Muslim cemetery and on four in the Christian burial ground, media reports said.

Police term "price tag" incidents as acts of vengeance by extremist Jews against Palestinians or Arabs. The term usually refers to attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinians or their property in the West Bank.

On Monday, an unknown number of attackers set fire to a mosque in the Bedouin town of Tuba Zangaria, 10km north of the Sea of Galilee, causing heavy fire damage and destroying Muslim holy books.

The perpetrators also scrawled the words "tag" and "revenge" on the mosque's walls, in what police called "a very severe price tag incident".

Police spokesperson Luba Smari told AFP on Saturday that an inquiry has been launched into the Jaffa incidents, adding that the "graffiti was removed" as soon as it was discovered by the authorities.

Arab councillors in Jaffa denounced the cemetery attacks as "new racist aggression", and urged people not to "react to provocation".

  • africanwolf - 2011-10-09 04:53


  • zaatheist - 2011-10-09 04:55

    Feel their love for their god. Obviously this was done with their god's approval to show those mooslims and kristins that they are doing it wrong.

  • George - 2011-10-09 06:33

    Do the right thing? the US and Israel?...Recognise Palestine as a Republic/Independent State! the rest of the WORLD?, needs your charity NOW!, not to watch you?..throw away good MONEY?, to a "lost cause/aged...religious fight?"....:)

  • tictoctictoc - 2011-10-09 07:31

    Not all Jews are racist, vindictive, violent and destructive. This incident is the work of a lunati fringe of fundamentalist Jews. Sadly they take their cue from their rightwing rulers - rightwingers have hijacked the political establishment in Israel. The only solution is for the international community to isolate them the way apartheid SAfrica was isloated. Tutu has bee calling for this and his voice of wisdom, compassion and reason should be heeded!

  • truth-now - 2011-10-09 10:37

    What else can one expect fom the Israelis, when they have the upper hand (U.S backing) they provoke and use aggression, when they are overpowered they seek the worlds sympathy (Holocaust)

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