Top Tokyo eatery in poisoning trouble

2011-12-02 13:59

Tokyo - A Michelin two-star restaurant in Tokyo was facing a criminal complaint on Friday over the hospitalisation of a diner who was served the toxic liver of a pufferfish, a Japanese health official said.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has revoked the special licence required to serve pufferfish - fugu - for chef Takeshi Yasuge, who operates Fugu Fukuji in the capital's upmarket Ginza area.

The action came after a 35-year-old woman had to be taken to hospital suffering from a headache and numbness in her lips after eating the liver of the fish at the restaurant on November 10.

"The chef served a liver, knowing that it is toxic, even if it was a request from the customer. It should warrant punitive actions," said a public health official.

The chef may face fines, and possible jail time.

Fugu is a seasonal delicacy and commands high prices, but must be processed by specially trained and licensed chefs who are required to cut out toxic parts, including the liver and skin.

However, some aficionados ask to be served the banned parts, which are said to be a fine but dangerous delicacy.

Michelin said it does not plan to change its rating of the restaurant, which was based on the dishes its agents ate, a company spokesperson said.

Michelin this week released its latest Red Guide to the Tokyo area, which listed 247 establishments with at least one star.

The Japanese capital boasts 16 three-star eateries, six more than Paris.

  • Mike - 2011-12-02 14:28

    There are no pills for stupidity. If you insist on being dumb enough to gamble with a meal of puffer fish you deserve to die.

  • Peter - 2011-12-02 14:56

    Man is not suppose to eat everything he can lay his hands on!

  • MissGremlin - 2011-12-02 14:57

    eating fugu is like playing russian roulette. fool!

  • Charmaine - 2011-12-02 15:55

    I am safe here in South Africa and will stick to eating fresh fruit and veggies.At least I will know that no BLOOD WAS SHED for my diet. What! do human think that they can just eat everything and anything they please, so, they must suffer the wrath of God.

      Hamrammr - 2011-12-02 16:19

      I was born with eye teeth for a reason, meat is a part of my diet as it was part of my ancestors' diet. Call me savage, but meats of all kinds is as much part of our intended diet as vegetables and fruit. As much as we as humans would like to believe the contrary we are all still animal after all.

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