UK Islamic leaders unite against abuse

2013-06-28 15:01

London - About 500 UK mosques are planning sermons condemning the sexual abuse of children, following the sentencing of seven men of South Asian origin convicted of a series of crimes against underage girls.

The effort organised by the group Together Against Grooming means that the message was being delivered at Friday prayers at participating mosques.

The anti-grooming group wants imams to stress that the Qur’an rules out all forms of sexual abuse and that Muslims have a responsibility to protect children and other vulnerable people.

Spokesperson Ansar Ali says it is unprecedented for Islamic leaders throughout Britain to band together to deliver a collective message on the same day.

A number of prominent Muslim groups in Britain have endorsed the new group.

  • Jeremy Forbes - 2013-06-28 16:51

    I am not convinced that they never knew about these abusive monsters and their activities before they were arrested and convicted. No point in being wise and helpful after the event. To be part of civil society Muslims must learn to expose the wrong and darkness among them to the authorities before damage is done to vulnerable children.

  • ian.murray.52459615 - 2013-06-29 20:04

    Too little far too late.

  • Juan Jordaan - 2013-07-11 14:22

    Now, if only the Swedish Imams could do that, maybe they will stop raping Swedish women. The rape figures are horrific and increasing.

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