UK denies right-to-die legal challenge

2012-08-16 22:21

London - The High Court in London has rejected an attempt by a man suffering from locked-in syndrome to overturn Britain's euthanasia law by refusing to legally allow doctors to end his life.

Tony Nicklinson had a stroke in 2005 that left him unable to speak or move below his neck. In January, the 58-year-old asked the High Court to declare that any doctor who kills him with his consent will not be charged with murder.

On Thursday, the High Court ruled that challenges from Nicklinson and another man named only as Martin to allow others to help them die without being prosecuted were a matter for Parliament to decide.

The judges wrote that they were both "tragic cases", but concluded it was not up to the courts to change the euthanasia law.

  • DSBennie - 2012-08-17 07:37

    So it is illegal to allow this man to get help to end his suffering, but it is legal to murder an unborn child????

  • delish7564 - 2012-08-17 09:07

    I understand where you're going with this but in my opinion that's a whole different ball game. I agree this law is mad, in this case anyway.....people should be allowed to die if they want and those who help shouldn't be punished, but........Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that if the courts allowed this, it would be abused and patients would be"left to die" whether they wanted this or not. In my opinion, decisions of this magnitude should be made on a case by case basis!

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