UK hails Osama bin Laden death

2011-05-02 07:40

London - The death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden will bring "great relief" across the world, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday.

"Osama bin Laden was responsible for the worst terrorist atrocities the world has seen - for 9/11 and for so many attacks, which have cost thousands of lives, many of them British. It is a great success that he has been found and will no longer be able to pursue his campaign of global terror," Cameron said in a statement.

"The news that Osama bin Laden is dead will bring great relief to people across the world," he said.

  • Snotty - 2011-05-02 07:55

    more votes for Obama...........the US should cut off his head and display it

      Snotty - 2011-05-02 09:16

      latest update .........the body has been buried at SEA ........Dear Lord pity the sharks and fish .I quit eating seafood from today!!!

  • Luckybugger - 2011-05-02 08:11

    Bin there done that

  • Beam me up - 2011-05-02 08:15

    We done USA... Justice has been Served! Second term for Present Obama?

  • Beam me up - 2011-05-02 08:16

    Party at my house... All day... You are all invited!!

  • PieLemon - 2011-05-02 08:22

    Our pro life ANC government here in Bantustan will probably condemn this right?

  • Gatvol - 2011-05-02 08:44

    The bad news is that Al Queda is a vast network, and the killing of Bin Laden won't stop them for carrying out reprisal attackes

      50something - 2011-05-02 09:09

      My sentiment exactly - this will probably spark more revenge attacks and the vicious circle of terror continues ...

  • MP3 - 2011-05-02 08:49

    it is concerning that so many people take the word of the government as gospel. Where is the trial? Where is the infallible evidence? And why does it take the "best country in the world" 10 years to find someone considering the amount of resources available etc? What is more concerning is the sheer jubilation on americans faces for the death of a man whom they've never met - only through the conjecture of the US government and its media puppets. I fear the whole 9/11 incident was to give USA a free pass to bring its own form of Terrorism to a global scale. Invading countries halfway across the planet for the purpose of "weeding" out a lone person. Seems a little over the top. Nice how they treat those who question the events of 9/11 with an eye for detail and have enquiring minds as non patriotic. Almost classifying those as terrorists themselves. America just pulled off the biggest lie in the history of Mankind and no one is none the wiser.

      John - 2011-05-02 11:36

      You are seriously deluded, man. You need to eat more vegetables and stay off the coffee. This is the best news since 9/11. Get a life!

      John - 2011-05-02 11:37

      Oh, and another thing, God Bless America!

      MP3 - 2011-05-03 07:14

      rather deluded than brainwashed thanks.

  • Carolyn - 2011-05-02 09:09

    We should hire them to get rid of some of our terrorists. Then South Africa may be a better place to live in. God Bless America.

  • Johan Kruger - 2011-05-02 09:46

    That is good news, but it calls for stricter security checks now for a possible revenge.

  • Jeff - 2011-05-02 10:01

    How could he die when he didn't exist in the first place, propaganda people wakeup.. go look at every photo of bin laden there all different

  • Mabhulwana - 2011-05-02 11:25

    he must be beatified as the former Pope John Paul II. Do Moslems bury people at sea?

      John - 2011-05-02 11:38

      He was beautified at sea . .

  • Lesley Malebese - 2011-05-02 11:35

    Osama's death will never bring great relief at all instead will bring more artrocity upon those who took his life.

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-02 12:00

      Atrocities will not be against those who took his life, but against civilians who want nothing to do with all this religeous rubbish.

  • Lion - 2011-05-02 14:53

    So long cadre!! Seldom-Bin-Laid

  • Alex Millne - 2011-05-02 19:57

    Oh my gosh! Thats awful news! :( My heart goes out to the bin Laden Family! May he rest in peace! I feel for Osama bin Laden. He was just a confused and he is also just human. I think that's terrible how he died :*( I pray that he'll find some peace. R.I.P OSAMA BIN LADEN

  • Banned - 2011-05-02 20:15

    What UK deaths, I remember one innocent non brit getting murdered in a train station. All the soldiers who died were invading another country so that they could build a pipe line through the Caspian Basin, what innocent brit died because of Osama?

  • Alex Millne - 2011-05-02 21:02

    I may be a Christian but that doesn't mean that I hate Muslims. In a way I can understand OSAMA BIN LADIN,.. I can understand the passion he had for his religion, he loved his religion so much that he even shed blood for his religion. That is a LOVE THAT NO ONE HERE CAN EVER IMAGINE to get close to. Although I differ, because I am a Christian, I do wish I had the courage to LIVE my faith out as STRONGLY AS HE LIVED HIS!!! A true Role-Model, that would do anything for his beliefs. He inspired so many, but at the same time he has caused so much suffering :*( But I forgive him because I know he is a beautiful loving soul. May jesus wash him in the name of god. You will always be in my thoughts, R.I.P OSAMA BIN LADIN !!!!!!

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