UK riots 'most wanted' faces on web

2011-12-14 15:58

London - British police put more than 200 images of the "most wanted" suspects from August’s riots on photo-sharing website Flickr on Wednesday as they stepped up their campaign to catch offenders.

Scotland Yard also revealed that more than 3 200 people had been arrested over the riots in the capital and action had been taken against more than 2 000.

Some four months on from the worst unrest for a generation, police are still hunting for those involved in the violence which erupted in London on August 6 and spread to other English cities.

Gangs of masked youths burnt and looted city neighbourhoods, leaving five people dead.

Police had already posted some images of suspected rioters on Flickr but on Wednesday they added 213 pictures of the "most wanted" suspects after investigators trawled through more than 200 000 hours of CCTV footage.

"I want to reassure London’s communities that we are determined to bring those who committed these outrageous crimes to justice and more arrests will follow," said police commander Steve Rodhouse.

As well as the police effort, the riots also spawned unofficial websites aimed at tracking down those behind the unrest, with names such as "Catch A Looter”.