UK teen guilty of attacking Malaysian

2012-02-16 21:06

London - A teenager was convicted in a British court on Thursday of attacking a Malaysian student during last summer's riots in London, in a case which sparked international outrage.

Beau Isagba, 17, is facing a lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty of assaulting Asyraf Haziq Rosli, whose jaw was broken in two places when he was punched in the face in Barking, east London, on August 8.

The attack on the student became one of the most shocking stories to emerge from the riots after it was filmed by a passer-by and posted on YouTube.

Although the video did not show Asyraf being punched, it showed the bloodied 20-year-old being helped up after his bicycle was stolen, only to have items taken from his rucksack, apparently by those who came to his aide.

During his trial at a north London court, Isagba admitted stealing the Malaysian's bicycle, claiming he was "tired" after committing a string of crimes, but denied attacking him.

However, the jury found him guilty of grievous bodily harm and robbery.

Isagba is not accused of involvement in the filmed incident, for which two other men will stand trial at a later date.

Exceptional case

Asyraf had been cycling to visit a female friend who was scared by the rioting that swept Britain for four nights following the fatal shooting of a man by police in London.

The court heard how he managed to manoeuvre through one group of people who lunged at his bike and rucksack, only to be attacked by someone in a second group, who punched him in the face.

"The impact was hard. I don't know how it happened. I fell to the ground. Blood was coming out of my mouth," the student said.

Isagba's identity had been withheld because of his age, but the judge ruled that it should be made public because it was an "exceptional case".

Judge Witold Pawlak told the court the teenager was "facing a long prison sentence", which will be decided on March 9, a day after Isagba turns 18.

  • Ebrahim - 2012-02-17 14:49

    Civilized europeans.

  • Mark - 2012-02-17 15:06

    The name 'Isagba' certainly doesn't sound 'European' a google search will confirm that this individual is not of complete 'European' origin. Thuggery knows no race, so before you choose to spew racist vitriol please do some research.

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