UK terror plot aimed at landmarks

2010-12-21 21:21

London - British security officials say a large-scale terror attack was aimed at landmarks and public spaces, as more details of the plot emerged and police searched the homes of 12 British suspects being held for questioning.

The men were arrested on Monday in the largest counter terrorism raid in nearly two years. At least five were of Bangladeshi origin.

Lord Carlile, the government's independent reviewer of terror legislation, said on Tuesday the alleged plot appeared significant and involved several UK cities.

Police have up to 28 days to either charge the men or release them.

Possible targets included the Houses of Parliament and shopping areas, according to a security official who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

  • Stephen - 2010-12-21 22:09

    And they say SA is unsafe.

      KanaMay - 2010-12-22 00:51

      At least the Europeans can have a good sleep knowing the terrorists won't attack you in your own home. If my insomnia cannot be improved I'll leave SA for medical reasons.

      cromagnon - 2010-12-22 11:28

      There where 19 stabbings in my 18 months in Eastham, UK. It is a rough place. I never felt unsafe though, but then again, being from SA I checked my back every 30seconds.

  • G.du Plessis - 2010-12-22 01:57

    I felt unsafe sleeping in UK. I don't feel unsafe sleeping in SA especially. Then I guess it depends what area you are in in both countries

  • spotpro - 2010-12-22 13:25

    SA is safe guys and gals ... I go sleep at night with my doors unlocked I rarely lock my car ... and I live in Cape Town ... but my last trip to UK was nearly mugged by 5 youths in Camden (pity they picked a SA military guy to pull a knife on huh) - sorry to say had to put three in hospital before the other two ran away like little girls ... (thk God for diplomatic passports - the cops couldnt do a thing to me ... hehehehe)but yeah like ya say, if ya ever been to JHB ya do check ya back often and notice things more often before they happen heheheh

      alsitrader - 2010-12-22 18:53

      Shame the statistics don't agree with you. SA 21000 murders per year , UK 1200 pa. Rapes 51000 in SA last year 12000 in the UK !!I ask also why you so happy the Uk police couldn't do anything to you , if you acted in self defence then no need to worry ! Or you have the SA mentality of get away with whatever you can ??

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