UK votes in favour of gay marriage

2013-02-05 22:07

London - British lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill to legalise same-sex marriages.

The government-proposed bill would enable same-sex couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies, provided that the religious institution consents.

In a first House of Commons vote on Tuesday, lawmakers voted 400 to 175 in support of the legislation.

More votes are expected.

The bill has been championed by Prime Minister David Cameron and many senior officials.

But it has divided the ruling Conservative Party and faced stronger than expected opposition within its ranks.

  • boramk - 2013-02-05 22:29

    Is the UK only catching up to South Africa now? Regardless, congratulations. And to everyone thumbing this down, why are you so obsessed with what gays do?

      jack.russel.14268769 - 2013-02-06 01:15

      only down hill from here

      mike.boylen - 2013-02-06 02:54

      Not quite accurate reporting. This was not a UK vote, but a vote for England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own Governments and pass their own laws. Scotland will be voting on this issue in a few months time, but the majority of the public are in favour and the vote is expected to pass. Northern Ireland have no plans to vote on the issue, but still allow civil unions.

      calvin.mbhele - 2013-02-06 06:11

      Don't worry Continue to bend for another man :)

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 06:19

      Calvin, I have an inkling you might like Uganda. Full of bigots like you.

  • leon.olivier.92 - 2013-02-05 22:39

    Yet another nation where sanity prevails.

  • leslie.erasmus.1 - 2013-02-05 23:26

    Can predict several british queens will be tying the knott very soon,best of british luck

  • franck.melaninski - 2013-02-06 03:03

    The gays are taking over.

      mike.boylen - 2013-02-06 03:38

      It's true. We're all evangelising for that great queen in the sky, and our aim is to turn the entire world population gay within the next 50 years. In future, all children will be the product of artificial insemination, and the world's major industry will be the manufacture of scatter cushions. Resistance is useless.

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 06:20

      Gay agenda 1. get milk 2. Blow dry hair 3. take over the world

  • laritow.lara - 2013-02-06 04:37

    The shameless serpents seed carries on..prince william myt be Bi..sies man

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 06:23

      Bi.... polar? DBAA

  • naledi.seleke.1 - 2013-02-06 04:37

    Sies, what is this world coming to...

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2013-02-06 05:02

      . A world with more respect and tolerance for each other !!!

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 05:49

      You feel the same about mixed race marriage Naledi, rethink you position before you branded a bigot.

      eagarcia3 - 2013-02-06 07:32

      A better place.

  • Village Boy - 2013-02-06 05:02

    Oho....confusing our kids!

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 05:52

      This is the same false argument used to justify opposition to mixed race marriage, it confuses the kids. rethink you position before your branded a bigot.

      lydonmcg - 2013-02-06 07:49

      You're the only confused one around here.

  • calvin.mbhele - 2013-02-06 06:05

    They invented guns,but guns don't kill them,they kill Amarican masses (kids),they invented AIDS (but aids kill masses in India) each and every year,they invented drugs (but drugs cause lots of havoc in the Western Cape not in the UK), they are now inventing gay marriage, this will cause lots of blood flow in Islam countries. And our weak president may just as well do the same here, then we will see Sodom n Gomora live on our streets. Fact is gays were 1st whites,but now more blacks are gay compared to whites,talking about cheap people.

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 06:16

      Calvin I get it that English is not your first language, but this reads like your cat walked across your keyboard!

      calvin.mbhele - 2013-02-06 06:27

      Your are right, english is my 6th language,but I just scrolled up and found my accuracy at 99.9% due to the fact that instead of

      FullFrontalCortex - 2013-02-06 06:38

      Yes, its disappointing I know but Google translate is not to be trusted: It's like God, sounds good when you hear about it but generally gives a you nothing worth while in the end!

      eagarcia3 - 2013-02-06 07:11

      Is this a comment against the British? There are better arguments to attack them: these ones are silly. Aids wrecks havoc here and also in the States, and drugs are way worse in Latin America. Why would gay marriage kill someone? Perhaps a closeted bigot might die of envy, or even worse: killing married couples just because they're gay, like the lesbian killings in townships. In both cases, the bigot is the problem. PS: Gay marriage has been legal here for quite some time. And I'm sure there are lots of black gay guys, still in the closet for many reasons.

      wesselo1 - 2013-02-06 07:39

      Gay marriage has been legal in this country for years now. How exactly has it affected you negatively?

      Saul Shauleen Mukwewa - 2013-02-06 07:44

      esh ! scary hey!!!!!!!!!!

      abdul.cassiem.9 - 2013-02-06 07:49

      Calvin!!!!! The Chipmunk did also just came out of the closet.

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-06 11:23

      Calvin how do you not know that it's been legal in SA since 2006?

  • Joel Mingas Mathope - 2013-02-06 06:46

    Great move indeed, finally some sanity prevails

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2013-02-06 07:11

    It is simply a matter of property law: the proprietorial consequences of living together. The Church's position is untouched.

  • Robdbn - 2013-02-06 07:37

    it's about time!

  • abdul.cassiem.9 - 2013-02-06 07:53

    Gay and lesbian people r so sweet an loving really,but one thing u don't do to them make them f....kin mad thy will kick the living sh.....t out of you.

  • bcluley - 2013-02-06 08:01

    Soon it will be legal for a adult to marry a 13 year old.just becuase its legal, doesnt make it morally right

      wesselo1 - 2013-02-06 08:11

      Mary was 14 when she gave birth to Jesus, at that time she was already married to Joseph(99). Seems Mary and Joseph were immoral?

      dewald.louw.568 - 2013-02-06 21:59

      So correct Wessel, for 1850 it was okay to marry a child according to the Churches and their doctrine, but not a consenting man to a consenting man. Who are the real sicko's?

  • Eric Martinsich - 2013-02-06 08:07

    Each on to their own but what is now Pronounced at the marriage. Husband and Husband. Wife and Wife. It surely cannot be husband and wife if it is same sex marriage. So someone tell me what happens at the ceremony. Then if there is a child adopted what does the child call the adopted parents. Daddy and Daddy. Please explain somebody

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-06 11:24

      Ag shame tog Eric

      eric.martinsich - 2013-02-06 16:58

      Tharina Ag Shame Tog is correct. you cannot answer can you

      Cleopas Shamuyarira - 2013-02-06 21:59

      same sex marriage! God forbids

      dewald.louw.568 - 2013-02-06 22:02

      Eric, you idiot, he means Daddy & Daddy is better than Matron or fending for themselves. You are one twisted f**k!

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-07 08:57

      Cleopas, so tell me, if God forbids it, why did he make me gay?

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-07 13:06

      Knew you wouldn't have an answer.

  • shannon.trouncell - 2013-02-06 08:35

    Im very religious person and gay, but what gets me irritated is when ppl start quoting the bible, yes the bible do speak about a man lying with another man…. But do any of you bible bashes care to read the entire chapter, what does that same chapter say about children speaking up against their parents and men and woman that is in adulteress relationships, the bible is clear in this sense that they should be stones to death, but no we omit these points and only highlight the man sleeping with the man portion………….

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-06 11:25

      I'm also a gay Christian shannon. God made me gay. That's what people don't seem to get.

      shannon.trouncell - 2013-02-06 11:48

      exactly my point they quote Leviticus 18 vs 21, but forget and omit verses 1 -20, which gives a list of acts that’s just as much an abomination, and which is practised daily but no-one seems to have a problem with that.....

      franck.melaninski - 2013-02-06 11:55

      Gay christians are alright.

      Tharina25 - 2013-02-06 12:39

      Very true!

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