UK warns on Mideast peace talks

2011-02-09 16:31

London - Britain's foreign secretary has warned that the Middle East peace process could be a casualty of popular protests that have swept the Arab world.

William Hague says there is a "legitimate fear" that peace talks will lose momentum.

Hague told The Times newspaper in an interview published on Wednesday that there are concerns uncertainty following the popular uprising in Tunisia and anti-government protests in Egypt will complicate the Middle East peace process.

He also urged Israel to tone down the use of "belligerent" language, saying recent events in the region lend greater urgency to peace talks.

Hague's comments came after he visited Tunisia and Jordan as part of a three-day, five country tour of the Middle East and northern Africa.

  • Fazil - 2011-02-09 17:45

    These were never peace talks but Palestinian surrender talks. As diclosed by the Palestinian Papers,the Arab uprisings could not have come at a better time to redeem the dignity of ordinary Arabs living in all of their homelands.

  • Mundu - 2011-02-09 18:02

    Who gives a damn about peace in the middle east. There never has been any anyway.

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