UN Security Council hits deadlock on Gaza

2012-11-20 09:03

New York - The UN Security Council hit deadlock on Monday on a statement on the Gaza conflict with the United States saying it opposes any action that undermines efforts to reach a ceasefire.

But Russia warned that unless an Arab-proposed statement calling for Israel-Hamas hostilities to end was agreed by Tuesday morning it would press for a vote on the full council resolution - setting up a potential veto clash with the United States.

The United States, Britain, France and Germany all had problems with a text proposed by Arab nations last Thursday because it made no mention of rocket fire from Palestinian militants in Gaza, diplomats said.

All the western nations have said that Israel has the right to defend itself, while the Europeans have urged restraint on the Israeli government in its latest offensive on Gaza which has now left more than 100 dead.

Palestinian envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, highlighted the growing frustration of the Palestinian Authority and its allies as the fighting intensifies and the council says nothing.

The Security Council cannot "remain on the margin", he told reporters. He said it was now urgent for the "the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and stop this aggression against our people".

Working towards de-escalation

US ambassador Susan Rice said there had to be an agreed ceasefire between the Israelis and Hamas for any halt in violence to be "meaningful or sustainable".

"The United States and countries in the region are working energetically through all diplomatic channels to try to negotiate an end to the violence, a de-escalation," Rice told reporters after the talks.

She said President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been on the telephone with Middle East leaders "throughout the day".

It was "vitally important" that any Security Council action "is reinforcing the prospects for an agreed cessation and not doing anything that could undermine that prospect or run counter to it. That is our principal objective in these discussions and we will continue to pursue that aim," she added.

The US ambassador would seek instructions from the US administration on the Arab text during the night, but she commented: Again we will judge the draft as to whether it advances the goal of supporting an agreed cessation."

Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin said the Arab proposal, made through Morocco, is "a very good text".


"If the statement is not adopted at 09:00 [1400 GMT] tomorrow morning we will go for a vote of our draft" on Wednesday afternoon.

Several diplomats said they expected objections to the draft text to be made by at least three Security Council members.

The Russian resolution would call for a cessation of violence, support for Egyptian-led efforts to secure a ceasefire and encourage Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume their frozen talks, according to a copy obtained by AFP.

If the Russian resolution was put to a vote it would probably be vetoed by the United States, which systematically blocks resolutions seen to be critical of Israel.

  • neljenna - 2012-11-20 09:35

    Israel se ****

      Desilusionada - 2012-11-20 10:38

      Copied from your FB page: "Open -minded, hates the NWO!!! Cant stand politics!!! Loves the outdoor, hanging with my friends and quality time with my family. Always up for a good party!!!!" Says a lot about your open mindedness, your hatred for politics And your concern for what is really happening in Gaza. And if you remove this post, a lot about who and what you are. So go and spend some time with your friend called Google, come back and then give us some balanced insights, instead of a 3 worded insult. Suggestion: Google Gaza humanitarian problem and rocket attacks on Israeli school children....

      saintbruce.bruce - 2012-11-20 11:18

      It is quite interesting to note that the aligned Arab nations will not admit to Hamas firing rockets into Israel. Says a lot about their diplomacy and politics based on their common religion. The fact that Arabs who left Israel in 1948 on the promise by their nearby Arab friends[ Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and others] that once Israel was crushed they would return and get everything! When this did not happen as Israel won the war and all following wars, these nice Arab friends kept the former Arabs from Israel in camps, isolated and still used until today as political and religious pawns in their power game against Israel. I thought all Arabs and all Muslims saw each other as one nation under Islam. Seems I was wrong about that. Israel, as a gesture of peace, gave the Gaza lands to the Hamas led Arabs. What did they get in exchange? Violence, agression, militant attacks and rocket fire from across an agreed border into Israel. And folks wonder why the Israelis are so tolerant of this open agression? You can poke a cornered dog with a stick for only so long and when it uses it's sharp teeh to inflict a massive wound on you, don't cry about it attacking you. Continued provocation will earn a response, but don't pitch up to a gun fight with a pen knife!

      Desilusionada - 2012-11-20 12:39

      @Meneer, Stalking. synonyms: pestering nuisance annoyance irritation aggravation persecution So I am branded by you with these epithets above, because I read what people publish on public domains? Is there a law against it? So sue me then. If someone wants to make comments like JennaN, on these forums to either be purely abusive, or display her inadequate lack of the English language, it behoves a person like you to be abusive towards me? Lets hear you defend her opinion of Israel.......

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-11-20 12:55


  • William - 2012-11-20 13:25

    Are all you Zionist supporters referring to these rocket attacks that Israeli television shows to their citizens and the world? well done JennaN on saying it like it is

  • dinesh.chetty.77 - 2012-11-20 14:23

    Israel = Apartheid Racist State. None Jews have no rights, in Isreal and Gaza. It not only a Muslim thing like they like us to believe. Just research how they treat African migrate workers. Reminds me so much of our Aprtheid state that I gre up in, South Africa. Do not support Israel in anything they do. Sanction Against Isreal NOW!!!.

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