UN calls for Iraq national reconciliation

2012-07-25 21:38

New York - The UN Security Council called for inclusive political talks and national reconciliation in Iraq on Wednesday, a day after a wave of attacks claimed by an al-Qaeda affiliate killed 115 people across the country and wounded hundreds.

In a resolution extending the UN's civilian mission in the country for a year, the UN's most powerful body underscored the need for all communities to refrain from statements which could aggravate tensions, to reach a solution on the distribution of Iraq's oil wealth, and to resolve disputes over the country's internal boundaries.

The resolution welcomes improvements in Iraq's security situation but stresses that challenges to security still exist "and that improvements need to be sustained through meaningful political dialogue and national unity".

It underscores "the need for all communities in Iraq to participate in the political process".

The council reaffirmed the UN mission's importance in assisting the Iraqis in strengthening democratic institutions, advancing political talks and national reconciliation, facilitating dialogue with regional countries, resolving internal boundary disputes, aiding young people and vulnerable groups and promoting judicial and legal reforms.

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-25 22:12

    How about a national reconciliation in Syria. Just why it's thought that Syria will find peace and reconciliation once one man is killed is beyond me. Only negotiation can prevent a bloodbath. Or the west thinks it can do better than Iraq? A million dead and 4 million refugees?

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-25 22:18

      Fidel, with his immature anti-West core belief, still believes Assad, the unelected and self-styled bloody surgeon of Syria, wanted to, and wants to negotiate.

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-07-26 10:35

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-26 10:47

      Iraqis are dying today because of the instability and destruction of that country'security caused by the evil Americans and their lackeys, which has resulted in terrorists wrecking havoc and mayhem in that country. To kill civililans you don't need to shoot them - you just destroy their infrastructurte. Remove electricity and water treatment facilities - babies can't get their food cooked - they catch tummy bugs, and die from diarrhoea. Take out the bridges - old men who have heart attacks, die on the way to hospital. Don't let supplies in - people steal to survive, so they form gangs and attack shop owners. A cunning trick to know......... In any wartime, one needs to be very precise, about what one is discussing. My criticism is confined to people who directly acted to bring this situation on, and who have acted on it.. PS, check out the Fallujah birth defects.

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