UN committee approves Syria resolution

2012-11-28 12:00

New York — A key UN committee has overwhelmingly approved a resolution strongly condemning "gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms" by Syrian authorities and government-controlled militias and demanding an immediate halt to the violations and attacks on civilians.

The resolution urges Syrian authorities to immediately release all detainees and calls for a prompt independent international investigation into abuses and violations of international law.

The General Assembly's human rights committee approved the resolution on Tuesday by a vote of 130 to 12 with 35 abstentions. Russia, China and Iran, allies of President Bashar Assad's government, were among those opposed to the resolution.

It is virtually certain to be adopted by the 193-member world body when it votes next month.

  • Africa21stcentury - 2012-11-29 05:28

    . These UN resolutions are just not good enough any longer, as with these Russian bastards and these slimy Chinese opposing them, they are nothing more than a moral declaration , by far the majority of nations. But in the meantime this assad dictator/terrorist continues slaughtering his opposition, and is now responsible for the deasth of FORTY THOUSAND Syrians, the majority being civilians. And although China is now having second thoughts to keep this assad MONSTER in power, they and the Russians are making it possible, to have another 'Rwanda' in Syria Hundreds of thousands of lives could be lost in this genocide, as this assad terrorist, could still very well use his chemical weapons, ON 'HIS OWN' PEOPLE. THIS assad TERRORIST MUST BE STOPPED. A first step would be a no fly zone, preventing these assad thugs from dropping cluster bombs onto residential areas, and from assad to continue to bomb Syria into rubble. Kofi Annan , only a few years ago, admitted; " We should have done more " He was referring to the 800 000 , who were slaughtered in Rwanda. Will history repeat itself ?????

      Africa21stcentury - 2012-11-29 20:17

      . You just don't have the brains to understand what is happening in Syria. This assad terrorist lost this civil war, more than a year ago, but is only propped up by the Russian bastards and the slimy Chinese.

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