US-Russia joint missile defence 'only way'

2012-06-20 10:01

Los Cabos - Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated Moscow's strong opposition to the US missile defence system on Tuesday, saying that President Barack Obama's re-election would not end the dispute and insisting on joint development of the shield.

"I think that the missile defence issue will not be solved regardless of whether Obama is elected or not," he told reporters at the end of Group of 20 summit in Mexico.

"I think that something can radically change only in the case if the US agrees with our proposal which says that Russia, Europe and US were equal participants of this process," said Putin.

Moscow says the interceptors that the United States and Nato are deploying as part of the system will be able to destroy Russian warheads in flight by about 2018, upsetting the post-Cold War balance of power.

Washington maintains that the missile defence system - which is to be deployed in four phases by about 2020 - is intended to counter a potential threat from Iran and poses no risk to Russia.

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-20 12:36

    When will the US join the 21st century and live behind its barbaric warmongering. This is what happens when you create an economy based on war.

  • Bobo - 2012-06-20 17:52

    By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels 6:06PM BST 03 May 2012 General Nikolai Makarov, Russia's most senior military commander, warned Nato that if it proceeded with a controversial American missile defence system, force would be used against it. "A decision to use destructive force pre-emptively will be taken if the situation worsens," he said. Gen Makarov has threatened to target Nato bases hosting an anti-missile system designed by the US to protect European allies against attack from states such as Iran. He said that Russia would counter Nato deployment by stationing short-range Iskander missiles in the Russian Kaliningrad exclave near Poland, creating the worst military tensions since the Cold War. "The deployment of new strike weapons in Russia's south and northwest – including of Iskander systems in Kaliningrad – is one of our possible options for destroying the system's European infrastructure," he said. Question: How can Russia deny the US such a defence system while they have such a system already in place, which they claim to be far superior to the US one in developement ? Who is actually the political bully ?

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-06-20 19:33

      I agree. Russia should be joining NATO, not opposing it. All it would take would be a phone call and a letter. Unfortunately this is not in Putin's neo-Soviet mindset.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-20 20:05

      Why would Russia join this colonial entity, the same collective force of international colonial powers of the last century who plundered the wealth of the non-white countries and continents for the past centuries. NATO comprises these same old tribes of Europe organised under a modern day umbrella. This European organisation has now reinvented itself as an enforcer and defender of White supremacy. On a global crusade, NATO brutally enforces neo-colonialism worldwide under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’ and ‘humanitarian intervention’. Are western armies/forces still serving, and defending, their nations...?

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