US boy, 13, killed 2-year-old half-brother

2012-09-16 21:21

Jacksonville - Lawyers for a 13-year-old boy charged with murdering his 2-year-old half-brother and sexually abusing another young half-sibling will ask a Florida judge to dismiss the case.

The case of Cristian Fernandez is scheduled to be heard before Judge Mallory Cooper on 28 September.

Fernandez has been held in a juvenile detention facility since March of 2011, when he was arrested.

Fernandez' mother pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the 2-year-old's death because she didn't take him to a hospital for two hours after finding him unconscious.

Legal experts say the teen's case is a difficult one; a recent US Supreme Court ruling banning sentences of life without parole for juveniles makes it impossible for them to advise Fernandez since the Florida Legislature has not changed state law.

Prosecutors insist they never said they would seek a mandatory life sentence.

  • United.Red.Angel - 2012-09-16 21:34

    How did he kill him? This is a pathetic article.

      oleriledonald.maamogwa.1 - 2012-09-16 22:31

      Why did He kill him??This story is sad.Jst imagine a boy @ this age killing his little brother.

      rickvcooper - 2012-09-16 22:44

      Pathetic article or not, the 'sign' is clear: - Exterminate the bloodline.

  • yangmanfrom.sawthafriqa - 2012-09-16 21:40

    Bloody possesed

  • PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-09-16 21:49

    My initial reaction is to blame the parent(s). How can such a young child be capable of such an atrocity? Is it a lack of love in the home? Violent/abusive parents? Or are some people just born 'evil'? Who knows... certainly not I. As to why any mother would wait two hours before getting help for an unconscious child... beyond belief.

  • smellarat.smith - 2012-09-16 22:36

    With this little information available it is hopelessly premature to jump to conclusions. The big picture is often messy anyway. It usually not a case of nature vs nurture, but both.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-16 23:47

    Ihope every reader had curiousity,why and how did he kil him?

  • andrew.arnesen - 2012-09-17 09:06

    I wish News24 would actually do some work instead of just taking the story off the wires and reprinting it. "A difficult case" - why? Just serving up what comes of the news ticker is not journalism...

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