US city wants toys in fast food banned

2010-11-10 14:26

San Francisco - San Francisco has re-affirmed its support for a measure that bans fast food chains in the Californian city from offering free toys with calorie-laden meals, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Wednesday.

The city's Board of Supervisors had initially approved the legislation last week. It would allow child-friendly gifts only in meals with reduced sodium, fat and sugar content that also include fruits and vegetables.

The measure, which is meant to go into effect in December 2011, is designed to combat childhood obesity. It is the first of its kind in a major United States city.

But San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom pledged to veto the proposal.

"Parents, not politicians, should decide what their children eat," he was quoted as saying by the Chronicle.

However, there appears to be enough support for the legislation on the Board of Supervisors to override the veto.

Supervisor Eric Mar, the measure's chief sponsor, called it "a simple and modest policy that holds fast-food (businesses) accountable".

The fast food chain McDonald's, which offers children's toys with its Happy Meals, expressed disappointment at the decision, saying that it does not reflect its clients' wishes.

  • ctervit - 2010-11-10 15:50

    I think it is a brilliant move. Childhood obesity is a tragedy and those children have such a hard battle to fight later in life when they are judged on their appearances as well as health issues threaten their ability to have a happy life. The increase in eating disorders in teens and young adults are linked to the careless attitude towards food and healthy eating by caregivers when these kids are in their formative years. Children (and adults) actually become addicted to food, mostly fatty and salty (like cheese, chips, crisps, deep fried protein, etc) and sweet and milky (like ice cream, chocolates, milkshakes, etc). Eventually their bodies crave it in the same way a heroin addict craves a fix. Not all eating disorders are caused by childhood obesity, but most children who suffer from childhood obesity develop some form of eating disorder and serious body image problems later in life. We owe it to our children to help them develop healthy relationships with food and learn what is healthy to eat , so that they stand a fighting chance later in life when they need to take responsibility for their own health and body image.

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