US couple finalises epic divorce

2011-04-28 23:02

New York - A feuding New York City couple who built a wall through the house that neither one would give up has finally been granted a divorce.

Simon and Chana Taub had been living in their brownstone separated by the wall that a judge ordered built since both Taubs refused to move.

New York state doesn't allow the speedy dissolution of a marriage without proof that one spouse is at fault, and neither of the Taubs would admit to fault.

The couple filed for divorce in 2005, but a jury rejected it.

The judge on Wednesday also ordered the Taubs to sell their brownstone and two other homes and divide the proceeds.

Taub's lawyer said his client was happy with the decision. Chana Taub told the Daily News she would appeal.

  • Clem - 2011-04-29 01:49

    The Appeal is ridiculous for no Court can force two adults to co-habitate and married couple even when tey are not compactible. Wkoud such Court absorb any arrsing consequence such as bodly hr or death? The opposing partner should have the head examined for other defects?

      daaivark - 2011-04-29 07:15

      What's an "arrsing" consequence, Clem? And "bodly hr"? To bodly go where no-one else? Bum language, mate.

      LBS - 2011-04-29 20:36

      Yar well no fine... don't understand much of Clem's posting.

  • yeldarb - 2011-04-29 06:08

    bloody agent

  • denis.rossadams - 2011-04-29 08:26

    clem hasn't got the slightest idea on how to spell, shows a lack of intelligence

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