US court backs campaign contribution ban

2012-01-09 19:31

Washington - The US Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal seeking to expand the ability of foreigners to contribute to American political campaigns.

The justices on Monday upheld a federal court ruling in favour of the ban on foreign contributions from all but immigrants who permanently live in the United States.

Washington lawyer Michael Carvin wanted the justices to extend their 2010 decision in the Citizens United case allowing greater political participation by corporations and labour unions.

Carvin sued on behalf of two people with visas to work in the United States.

A three-judge court in Washington said Congress was well within its powers when it prohibited most foreigners from making campaign contributions.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-10 13:14

    The right choice, the US government has become a liability to the freedom and security of the people of America. Allowing foreign investment in presidential campaigns simply allows room for interference and influence being brought to bear by outsiders and to be perfectly honest allows Israel to dictate American policy to it.

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